Kait Smash!

Our TV is broken.  It stopped showing red (everything is blue and green, but more green than blue) on Saturday night.  It was a bummer because my friend was over, and we were going to play MarioKart (this is hard to do when there is no red & green).  We got over that, and I was able to watch TV (without colour) when we really wanted to. 

Happily, our TV was still under warranty, so we called and they sent out repair men.  They said that our colour card was fried (it looks like a computer motherboard, only smaller – maybe a videocard?), so they took it and the cord to the TV (I know, right?) and told me not to turn it on.  That was fine – we have a secondary TV in our room if we really need to watch TV.  So last night I opened up Youtube, and we watched Sesame Street clips (the ones with their celebrity musical guests).  It was so much fun!  We really enjoyed it, Kitten and I.

Kitten woke up really grumpy this morning, so while she was eating breakfast, I opened up my laptop to watch Sesame Street videos.  Guess what?  They’ve all been removed!  GRRRRRR!!!!  I am so upset (Kitten doesn’t seem to care – Nana is here now).  I’m annoyed because we don’t like to sit in our room watching TV, and the portions that we enjoy are mostly the music portions anyway.  So Grrr.  I’m irritated at Youtube today.