My Kingdom for a Taser

Rob and I went to look at printers* today.  On our way back, I noticed a line of men standing in front of a metal fence.  They were obviously having a pit stop off the side of the road (there was a limo bus behind them), as there is no other reason to stand facing a fence (in a row!) with your hands on the front of your pants, other than to take a giant, beer-fuelled leak. 

I’m not sure what irritated me about the scene – the public urination, the fact that they were doing it where I could see it from my car, but for some reason my first thought was “too bad it wasn’t an electric fence”.  Then I got to wishing that I could get a taser, go back in time, and use the taser on the metal fence.  That would have been very shocking! 

Anyway, this is a public service announcement to all drunk men out there (at 8 pm, no less):  Please, if you’re going to piss on the side of the road, please turn your backs to the road.  Yeesh.

*Our beautiful colour laser printer is nearly out of toner.  All four sets.  Seeing as how the toner is nearly $150 per cartridge, we’re thinking that maybe it’s time to switch to a cheaper inkjet.  Does anyone have any raves/reviews for the cheap ink Kodaks?