Busy Lady

Kitten was up early today (and I think I woke her up during her nap), so she went off to bed really early tonight.  We tried to keep her awake, but she was just getting grumpier and grumpier, so we just succommed and put her to bed.  If anything, I’ll be paying for it in the morning.  Oh well, nothing to be done about that now.

What this means, though, is that I get to put up a blog post!  I haven’t been all that active lately because I’ve been busy.  Doing stuff.  Kitten’s birthday is coming up quite fast (17 days!), and I have butt loads of stuff to do.  First, I have to clean my house.  I’m going room by room putting all the crap away, and doing a thorough clean.  My theory is that the day or two before the party, I can go back through the house and do a really quick surface clean/de-clutter and it still should look pretty good from this cleaning.  The other day?  I totally got the whole living room done.  Today?  I only got the kitchen floor clean and the table cleared off.  I don’t think that the kitchen was THAT much dirtier, it was just more tiring, maybe?  Oh well.  I also got a lot of Kitten’s baby book up to date.  That was really great.  I am stumped (ha ha) on how to draw her family tree.  My family is convoluted that I think I’m just going to skip it. 

So, in addition to all this crazy party planning* I’ve been hard at work.  Remember how a long time ago I started a quilt for Kitten?  Well, it was a good thing I did – it turned into her birthday present, and it is completed, people!  I am so happy with how it turned out, and so proud that this quilt didn’t take me 3 years like the other one did (ha ha).  Without further ado, feast your eyes:

Kitten's Quilt

Quilt Close Up

Isn’t it lovely?  It was a lot easier than I thought it would be, and I was grateful that it didn’t require the precision that some of the other quilts I have made required.  That said, I think it’s time that I start a new quilt, and it should be a middling difficulty quilt.  Something that’s mostly squares, I think.  I saw some awesome Pokemon fabric at the store the other day, but Rob doesn’t want a quilt (he’s never cold).  So I’m not sure what kind of quilt to make.  Hmmm… I should have another baby so I can make a quilt!  Ha ha!

I also embellished a birthday shirt for Kitten.  I will say that I can’t take the credit for the idea, it was My Other Blog’s idea – or at least that’s where I saw it.  But I fell in love with the idea and decided to start my own tradition.  I thought that I would do the shirt to match the theme of the birthday.  This year, it’s going to be Strawberry Shortcake (2.0, because this SS is not the SS that I remember).

Birthday Shirt

I am so excited for her to wear it, you have no idea.  I’m really impressed, you can get a t-shirt at walmart for $3.  That’s cheaper than anywhere else I’ve ever looked. 

Anyway, so that’s what’s new here.  I’m counting down the days until my baby is big (17!  ::cry:: ), and trying to clean the house.  And finish the baby book.  And make red velvet cupcakes for the party because I’m an overachiever. 

*I just wanted to say that my sister ROCKS.  She was at the party store and called to tell me that the store is FULL of Strawberry Shortcake stuff, even stuff I had never seen before.  She was even so kind to pick a few things up for me that I wasn’t able to get at the other store.  I lub her long time!