Bumps and Bruises

I seem to be a walking mess these days.  It’s not because I’m lacking that much sleep – I *should* be sleeping fine (some nights better than others).  It’s not even because I’m in a giant hurry – I try to take it easy and go with the flow.

No, it’s because I’m just not all that careful/observant.  Yesterday, I moved Kitten’s carseat from one seat to the next, and moving a car seat involves a fair amount of pressure, and kneeling in to the seat to get it tight.  Apparently, I was doing it too hard because I have a giant bruise on my shin this morning.  It’s pretty tender.  If I get kicked there, I might cry.  Then this morning, I turned the shower off before I washed my face.  So I turned the tub tap on, and crouched down to wash my face in the stream.  Well, I was apparently a little too into splashing the scrub off, because I leaned forward and whacked my forehead on the spout.  Gah.  I don’t think it will leave a mark, but you never know. 

Someone put me in a padded room – I can’t seem to go a day without injuring myself!