I Have No Title

I just wanted to talk about Kitten for a little bit, to tell you what she’s up to.

Mostly, she’s into stuff.  She pulls all the books off my shelves, the DVD’s out of the cabinet, presses the buttons on the electronics, tries to turn on the stove, eats cat food, and tries to stack blocks.  She’s fully mobile, although she’s not independantly walking yet.  She can pull up on anything (seriously!), including a flat wall, and the speaker stands (which are a metal pole).  She has taken a few steps on her own, but is more comfortable to plop down and crawl.  Boy howdy, does she crawl!  On hardwood, she usually crawls with one knee and one foot, and two knees on the carpet… although I’ve found her crawling on two feet and two hands!  That is a sight to behold, that’s for sure!

She still doesn’t have any teeth, although you wouldn’t know it from what she will eat.  Not only is she eating a vast array of things (lunch is usually a piece of bread with jam, a quarter of an apple, a spoonfull of cottage cheese, a few Cheerios, a spoonful of peas, and if she’s still hungry she begs off me), but the quantity!  She really loves to eat.  We’re on our last can of formula, and she really doesn’t know what to do with milk in a cup.  We tend to heat it a bit and put it in a bottle, just because I feel like she still needs the nutrition.  I don’t know if she really does or not, it’s just my feeling.  I seriously think that her teeth are all going to poke through at one time.  We’ve had a couple of bad days which I’ve attributed to teething, but she still hasn’t popped any through.  ::shrugs::  Not much I can do about it.

Kitten really really loves to look at books, DVD covers, and anything that has pictures.  Photo albums could occupy her for hours at a time.  She does enjoy the odd TV program (Four Square!  Backyardigans!  Yo Gabba Gabba!), but she mostly just likes to play.  Her favourite games are tickle games, destroying the towers that we build, and chasing the cats.

I have to say that this past year has by far been the best year of my life.  There were definite ups and downs, but it has been so amazing, and I feel so blessed to be given such a little treasure to take care of.