Too Cool For School

It seems to be getting hotter each day here.  I’m loving the hot weather (except when I’m having a panic attack – which I’m fully aware that I need to see someone over!) and thought that I’d share some of my stay cool strategies with you.  You should share back, so then we’ll all have a giant list of things to do for ourselves and our loved ones when it reaches Epic Temperatures out.

  1. I like to shower in cool water, maybe even more than once a day.  It’s easiest to do this when you’re just running around in your bathing suit all day (or diaper, if you’re still wearing those).
  2. Eat Jumbo Freezies until you’re sick from them.  They’re 100 calories each, and they take a few minutes to eat.  Kitten hasn’t had the pleasure of freezies yet, but she does get cold water straight from the fridge, and she’s not sure how she feels about that!
  3.  Pull out the kiddie pool/baby bathtub/Rubbermaid container and fill it up with hose/tap water.  If you can convince your kids to play in a tub of water rather than running through the sprinkler, then you’ll save some money.
  4. If the kids won’t settle for the pool, definitely turn on the sprinkler.
  5. When shade isn’t available, a cool bath in the bathtub will be just as good for your babies.  Kitten has a tendency to want to sleep after having a cool bath, so be prepared if your baby does too!
  6. Go to Hillybilly Housewife, and make her creamy milkshakes.  You can use powdered milk like she says, or just substitute the amount of water she indicates for regular milk.  No ice cream?  No problem!  Her recipe doesn’t use ice cream.  I suppose that if you use rice milk/soy milk you could definitely try it with that as well!  Need a coffee fix first thing in the hot morning?  She has a coffee flavoured version as well!
  7. Retreat to your basement.  Even if it means cleaning out a section of the basement that’s just for playing (put down a blanket, spread some toys on it), it might be a wecome break from the heat.
  8. Have older kids (or just want to be a kid again yourself)?  Fill up some balloons and have a water balloon fight (just remember to pick up all the pieces after so animals don’t eat the plastic)!
  9. Check your public library to see if they have any programs that you can participate in.  It might just be someone reading stories for an hour, or it might be as much as crafts and such.  Regardless, it will probably be air conditioned, and most libraries offer it for free.
  10. Walk the mall.   Just make sure you don’t take any money with you (unless you do need something).  😆  Free air conditioning, as long as you don’t go on a shopping spree!

So how do you keep cool in the summer months?  Don’t forget, if you have diaperable children, you can use any of these ideas as an entry for the BumGenius Contest! Win a Bum Genius 3.0 Starter Kit from Nature’s Child – Wholesome Goods for Mothers and Babies