Almost There

Kitten’s tooth is so close to popping through.  You can feel it under the gums, but there isn’t a definitive sharp edge to it yet, so we’re waiting for it to finally pop out.  Again, we’re in no rush, other than to have her a little more back to normal. 

As I mentioned before, our necklaces are getting a little bumpy and misshapen.  I did email Inspired by Finn, and this isn’t something that she’s had to deal with before (go figure!).  She was very gracious and offered to refund our money with the return of the necklaces.  I declined that, as I was loathe to give them up, but we came up with an alternative solution that satisfied both parties.  I have to say that she has AMAZING customer service, and I would DEFINITELY recommend her store for teething necklaces.

I’m really starting to think that it’s my body chemistry that is causing the beads to change shape.  I’m doing everything else right – I take it off to shower or when we get wet (swimming, etc.), and I sleep in it which is fine.  ::shrugs::  Oh well, whatever the issue, I still like it.  I am slightly disappointed that Kitten and I’s necklaces don’t exactly match any more (her’s is still a lot more round), but I am coming to terms with it.  After all, they are pretty much the same, mine is just not as round. 

So I just wanted to give a quick update on that.