Epic Fail

Remember how I tried to make my own shampoo?  Remember that?  Well, EPIC FAIL.  I think I must have had the wrong recipe because I couldn’t handle it.  It just kept getting greasier, and greasier, and honestly?  It felt like I had a ton of soap left in my hair – I couldn’t get it out.  I couldn’t even touch my own hair, it felt SO GROSS. 

Last night I decided to try using lemon juice in my hair as a rinse, and that seemed to restore some life, and remove some of the crap.  However, I had to use a whole little plastic lemon squirt bottle (you know, the kind that looks like a lemon?) to even get my fingers through my hair (it totally helped!).  This morning I was still greasy, but not as bad.

To be honest, I added up how much it cost to make a bottle of shampoo, and this was the breakdown: 4 oz. castile soap – $3 (most recipies don’t use this much), Various herbs – $2, Lemon Juice – $1 per application (unless I get it from costco, but I’d still be using a lot of lemon juice).  So, that’s $5 for a bottle of shampoo, and I seem to be going through it at a pretty rapid rate.  If I really use $1 worth of lemon juice per shower (and that’s a pretty high guess), that would be $30 a month.  Even if it were closer to 50 cents, that’s still too much per month.

I think that this would work for someone with dry to normal hair.  I am a fairly oily person (skin and hair), so I think it was just too much.  It almost felt like my hair was trying to dread up on it’s own (I’m sure with a little backcombing and some palm rolling, I’d be looking like a Rastifarian in no time!).  Due to the fact that dreads are not my look of choice right now, I washed my hair with regular shampoo this morning.  I might try this again come winter time, when my hair gets really static filled.  It might help with that.  

For the time being, I’ll be stopping at our local organic shop and buying a package-free shampoo bar.  They’re around $3, and that is WAY more up my alley.  I used to use the Lush shampoo bars, but they tend to use SLS and fragrance in their stuff.  I’m trying to stay away from both of those, so I think I’ll try the vanilla hemp bar I saw the other day instead (plus it’s  a fraction of the price – I didn’t remember that the Lush stuff was that expensive!).  I’ll let you know how it goes, and I’ll definitely give it a review once I’ve been able to try it a few times.