Safer Beverage Containers

With all the media attention around BPA, we’ve been looking in to safer drinking alternatives for the whole family.  I have packed away all of my BPA-containing bottles, but the question still remains, what of the sippy cup?  Not all sippy cups are made of plastic #7, but most common sippy cups are made of plastic.  We’ve been trying to get away from plastics in general – not just BPA-containing plastics. 

For the most part, we feel like plastic is pretty wasteful.  The manufacturing process isn’t really friendly to anyone, and I’m not totally confident in our country’s ability to say “yes, this plastic will be TOTALLY OK for you to use for 50+ years”.  While we haven’t switched over from plastic completely, we’re trying to make smart decisions when we buy new things. 

I have been circling the Kleen Kanteen bottles at our local organic store, but didn’t really want to buy that one because it has the store’s logo on it.  That’s not a huge deal, but it’s not really my first choice – plus, it was just plain stainless… not so pretty.  I found some more in a different organic store, but they were also the plain stainless… and $3 more!  Well, imagine my surprise when I found them for a reasonable price, and in fancy colours!  I was very excited, and bought one for Kitten, and one for myself.  I phoned Rob to find out if he wanted one, and he said no (just so you don’t think that I’m depriving him of his deep need for a Kleen Kanteen).  He uses a stainless mug  at work for water.

There was some question about whether Kitten would take to the sippy cup, as we’ve tried before with little to no success.  I suppose that the Avent sippy things that come with these KK’s just happen to be exactly the right ones – she took to it like a champ!  Her first suck was a complete success.  I couldn’t have been more proud.  I like mine, but I really wish that they had the 800 ml’s in pink as well. 

New Kleen Kanteens

Kitten's New Sippy Cup