In Case You Needed More

I will soon be starting to contribute to Cloth Diaper Mamas, a blog dedicated purely to cloth diapering!  I am so excited that maybe I can shift some of my shenanigans from this site over to there.  I know that not ALL my readers (all 3 of you) want to hear about what’s on Kitten’s butt these days (Sandy’s cotton fitted!  Under fleece pants because I was too lazy to put on a cover!).  I am really looking forward to writing there.  You should check it out!!  Thanks to FluentBrittish, I now have another cloth diapering home! 🙂

I wanted everyone to know that you might be seeing a few more pictures of Kitten around here.  Every day (especially on days when I get new stuff for her), I think about my policy regarding her pictures.  Some days I maintain that I am NEVER going to post her pictures on here… other days, I’m all “DUDE!!!! The Interwebs TOTALLY need to see this!!”.  So I am apparently fairly undecided and wishy-washy.  I know that some of my friends have no issue posting pictures of their kids in all their glory, and others only post non-straight-on pictures, and some don’t post any.  I’m trying to find a happy medium.  I want to share what I’m excited about, without compromising safety and privacy.  I try to be really careful about concealing my location (as much as I can be – like I won’t come out and say “I live in [blank] city”, although most people know that I live in Canada, and lots of you know what province I’m in (and if I’ve ever commented on your site, you know way more about me than I probably am comfortable with).  I’m not sure why I’m so paranoid about that – I’ve mostly gotten over the fact that no one is going to come and steal my baby, but yeah.  I don’t know.  I know!  I should make a poll.  For funsies. 

Should I show pictures of Kitten my blog?
Yes, all pictures!
Yes, but not full-on-facial shots
Yes, but only if you can’t see her face at all
No, never – you’re a horrible person if you do
Other (because there’s always an other) free polls

Coming soon – action shots of our new Teething necklaces!