Wii Have an Ache

A list of everything that hurts after playing Wii Fit for 1 hour yesterday:

  1. My abs.  Seriously.  They’re the most sore.  Mostly the ones right on the front, but the side ones are kind of tender as well. 
  2. My quads – you know, the front of my thighs?  Mostly sore just when going to stand up or going to sit down.  Just walking around doesn’t hurt.
  3. My left arm.  Apparently, it’s much weaker than the other arm, so it hurts more than my right arm does.  Perhaps the pushup/plank combo was a little much to start? 
  4. Last night my whole back was sore, but it is just peachy keen this morning.  So I’m not really counting it as sore.

Things I’m really happy about Wii Fit:

  1. It takes my weight and tells me my BMI.  Although I wasn’t happy to see that I’m still “overweight” (by about .8 points), I was pleased that I magically dropped 5 pounds over the past 2 weeks (it was more before I put the carpet extenders on the balance board.  I was all “only 160 lbs?  SWEET!!!” and then the machine was all “hmmm… you seem to be 7lbs heavier this time!”  Oh well). 
  2. You get to make and track for goals… all without trying to do anything.  Although my goal of losing 5 lbs over the next month just jumped to losing 9 pounds – you pick a goal weight, not an amount to lose.  So when we put on the carpet feet, and I now weigh more according to the balance board, my goal changed.  Oh well, I get to see how I’m doing with my goal in two weeks and I can change it then.
  3. It has Sun Salutations in the Yoga portion.  I loooove Sun Salutations, although this is only a fraction of the ones I learned in Yoga class.  But still, so happy!  I just hope that I will get to unlock the downward dog, because that is the best ever! 
  4. I totally rock the Yoga portion, and Rob hasn’t been able to beat my high scores yet!  Hee!
  5. I also rock the Hula Hoop portion, and unlocked the Super Hula Hoop game last night.  Yay!  I think on the SHH game I got 823 spins?  Yeah, I think I’m pretty awesome, too 😆  Although I fully suck at some of the other ones, like some of the strength training exercises.  So it all evens out.  Oh, and the balance games.  I suck at those (except the ski jump – I learned the trick!).

I’m so happy that I ran out to buy this yesterday.  It has been so much fun!  And my Mii is super adorable!!!  Anyway, Baby needs me!  Adios!