GRPR Blog Tour: Finding Hollywood Nobody by Lisa Samson

I started Finding Hollywood Nobody tonight, and it’s a pretty cute read so far.  This is the second book in the series, so there is some catch-up to do, but mostly Samson does a good job of keeping everyone in the loop.  The only thing that I didn’t get right away was that the portion listed in the Amazon preview is a blog entry – I thought it was just a diary, but it looks like she writes a Hollywood Rag type blog.  So far it’s pretty interesting, although I’m not very far in.  It is, though, making me want to troll through thrift stores to see if I can find anything even remotely awesome to reconstruct for myself.  Not that I’m that talented at sewing, but part of me likes to think I am 😉 

Here’s a little more about Lisa Samson, the author of Finding Hollywood Nobody.  Just so you know, this isn’t a personal interview – I didn’t ask her these questions.  Mine probably would have been more like “So.  Do you really personally love cheese, or is that just something fun for your character?”  So, without further ado…

About Lisa Samson

Lisa Samson is the author of twenty books, including the Christy-Award-winning SongbirdFinding Hollywood Nobody is the second book in the Hollywood series. Lisa is the mother of three children. To learn more, visit

 Q&A with Lisa Samson, author of Finding Hollywood Nobody

Q.  Discovering who you are is a major theme in Finding Hollywood Nobody.  Scotty feels compelled to learn more about her real parents when she discovers that her ?mother? is really her grandmother and that her parents were likely killed in a mafia-style shootout.  What do you think principally defines who we are ? genetics & family or how we see ourselves?

A.  Being no expert in such things, I really couldn’t say. There are way too many stories of twins separated at birth, growing up in very different homes, who end up living very similar lives. So I’d say genetics plays a large part. But just look and see what happens to people who are raised with many more advantages than those who aren’t. So family as well as social standing hold a lot of sway as well.  And then . . . how we see ourselves is a large part, especially how we see ourselves in light of God. Do we really believe God loves us? So can I answer yes to all three? I think we tend to get in trouble when we try and reduce the human psyche to one principle issue, anyway. As the Bible says, “we are fearfully and wonderfully made.”

 Q.  What would you recommend to people in a similar situation as Scotty either through adoption or other circumstances?  In your opinion – is finding your genetic heritage worth risking everything?

A.  I wouldn’t recommend anything! I think every situation is different and I would recommend commiting the matter of finding one’s biological parent to intense prayer before even thinking of making a move. Let the Spirit guide above all else.

Q.  What was your inspiration behind the Hollywood Nobody series?

A.  I I just wanted to write a fun series. There are a lot of good series out there with teens in a more typical home situation, with either one parent around or two, living in a town, going to school, dealing with friends. But I wanted to remove my main character from the everyday world teens find themselves in and see what she did. I’m fascinated by what happens in Hollywood so setting it in that world, but on its edges, was something interesting for me. I swear, there are times I read what’s happening to some of these young actresses and singers and can hardly believe my ears. I wanted to be able to explore a teenage girl’s reaction to some of these foibles.


Q.  What can you tell us about what?s in store for Scotty in Book 3?

A.  Scotty finds some romance!  As does Charley.  And, of course, Seth “hottie” Haas, finds himself feeling a little threatened!  The search for her mother continues full force.  The book  takes place in the mountains surrounding Asheville, North Carolina on the set of a Scottish epic film.  Lots of guys in kilts.  i’m just sayin’!

 Also, if you want to be entered in the contest to win your very own copy of Finding Hollywood Nobody, then please drop a line in my comment section saying that you’d like to be entered.  The public relations company will send you a brand-spankin-new copy of your very own.  Don’t forget, Rob will be drawing a name before bedtime on the 15th of May, and the winner will be announced on the 16th. 

I’ll definitely be reviewing this book once I’m done with it – probably in the next day or so. 

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