Glass Road Blog Tour: Finding Hollywood Nobody by Lisa Samson

I’ve recently been invited to participate in a new blog tour put on by Glass Road Public Relations, and I heartily agreed.  It sounded like a not a lot of work for more books.  I can never turn that down! 🙂  So this week is a new tour, and we’ll be looking at Finding Hollywood Nobody by Lisa Samson.  I haven’t had a chance to read the book yet, but I’ll be doing that this week and letting you know what I think of it.  Also, I’ll be holding a draw and one lucky reader will win the book at the end of the tour.  So, if you’re interested in winning the book, please post a comment in my comments section, and I’ll put your name in the draw!  So just comment that you’d like to be entered into the draw, and I’ll have Rob pick a name out of a bowl on the 15th.  Anyway, on to the book.

Scotty Fitzgerald, oft-neglected daughter of well-known Hollywoodfood stylist Charley, knows the “inside scoop” about the Hollywood stars we can’t get enough of. Having spent her life in an RV driving from set to set while her mom “styled food” for celebrities, Scotty sees what the fans do not. And she reveals it regularly on her Hollywood Nobody blog, though she’d rather be as far away from Hollywoodas anyone can get. After all, Scotty has enough drama in her own life!

After learning that her ‘mother’ is really her grandmother, Charley finds out her real parents were probably killed in a mafia-style shooting reminiscent of The Sopranos. Scotty’s now certain a sinister “Biker Guy” who’s continued to track her and her mom must be connected to her parents’ shooting. There’s a pretty good chance, she decides, that he’s looking to finish the job by taking her life.

So Scotty and Charley do what they’ve always done—run and avoid the situation. But a life on the run is exhausting and Scotty’s had just about enough—enough to ignore Charley’s motherly direction and chart her own course. Let’s just hope it isn’t a course that puts her in the crosshairs of her own parents’ murderer.

Themes of the Book Finding identity. Teen Pregnancy. Exploring faith for the first time. Learning to listen to the Holy Spirit. Encountering new environments. Discovering the courage to act on your convictions.

To be honest, this looks like a really cute book.  At, you can view the inside of the book, and the page it shows seems to be very “diary” like, which sounds like a fun read.  I’m excited to start this book, and will definitely keep you informed on how it goes!