Possible Relief

I went shopping tonight.  Online.  Because I do that every now and then.  Ok, you’ve got me – I like to shop online, and I’ve done more online shopping in the last 2 months than I have probably done in the last 2 years.  Here’s the thing – the stuff that I want just isn’t found in town readily… and definitely NOT as cheaply as I can find online.  So, here’s what I have purchased lately:

  • You already know about my 3 new diapers and wet bag.  Sadly, I haven’t received them yet, but I’m hoping and praying that they come this week.  We’ve started to night-time cloth diaper Kitten so we run out of diapers every day (boo).  I’m using all of our prefold stash, and all of our fitted stash… which makes me nervous.  The less I have to use costly disposables the better.  Plus, I’m not terribly thrilled about what is in disposables… but that’s another story (on the plus side, I picked up a small package of Seventh Generation unbleached dipes – I’ve tried them before, and they seem to be a better solution for when we have to use the disposable kind).
  • I also bought two used Drybeesfrom a lady on Diaper Swappers.  I am so awesome that I got both diapers (including shipping) for $14.  They are used, so they won’t be in pristine condition, but they looked quite serviceable from the picture.  I’m very much looking forward to these arriving.  They probably won’t get here for a couple of weeks, as they are coming from the States. 
  • Tonight, I ordered quite possibly the most interesting and possibly controversial thing yet:  a teething necklace(and a matching one for me!).  They’re made out of fine cord and Baltic Amber.  The amber is supposed to release oils that gently soothe baby and help reduce pain.  I’ve read so many testimonials that say that they have worked for everything from fussy gas pain to teething to diaper rash.  While Kitten isn’t into the hardcore season of teething, I am hoping that this might gloss it over for us.  I also ordered one for me, and not so much because I want to match Kitten (although I think it will be fun), but because I have also heard great stories of women who have reduced PMS and cramps, migranes, back pain and general irritability.  If I could solve all those problems?  I’d be laughing.  I also hear that it works for athritis and carpral tunnel syndrome.  I believe that they have a risk free trial, so if you are interested, be sure to check them out (risk free trial for the CTS and arthritis).  Anyway, we bought these ones.

I’m really excited about my new purchases, and I can’t wait to get them in the mail!

I have been doing some to stimulate the local economy as well, including heading to my local Organic store.  I went to get some Castile soap(I forget what brand it is, but DUDE!  Religious writing on the soap bottle, I’m not even joking!) to use in my shampoo recipe, as well as the Seventh Generation Diapers… and I wanted to see what things they have for Kitten.  The more I read, the less comfortable I am with slathering her body with chemicals.  I know that most people grow up fine and all that, but I figure if I can afford to chose organic, that I think I’m more comfortable with that (and not that everyone should be, or needs to be.  This is just what I’m choosing for our family while we can afford it – organic baby stuff is stupidly expensive… I won’t even pay $20 for a bottle of shampoo for myself, let alone a small 8 0z bottle for Kitten!).  I ended up picking out the DermaMed brand because it was the most reasonably priced brand there.  We ended up coming home with the Mild Shampoo, Baby Lotion and Bee Propolis Cream.  The first two are pretty self explanatory, but the last is hopefully what will solve all our problems.  It’s a light diaper cream that has anti-fungal, bacterial, viral, oxidant and inflammatory.  It claims that it’s hypoallergenic, but we all know that just means that the most common types of allergens aren’t in it.  I did try it on Kitten’s bum today when it was looking a little cranky from being in a wet diaper for too long, and honestly her bum just looked MORE red after.  I didn’t put any more on it, and I’ll try again later if she gets rashy again.  The company offers a satisfaction guarantee, so if it does make her rashes worse, I’ll definitely be asking for my money back.  The only thing that I REALLY actually wanted for Kitten was sunscreen, but they didn’t carry the brand I wanted.  They had one brand there with the formulation I wanted (using titanium dioxide as a mineral barrier, rather than a chemical barrier), but it was $30 (!!!!!).  I just couldn’t justify that for such a tiny amount.  The Avalon Organics brand lists theirs at $10 for a bottle, so it will probably be closer to $12 here, if the difference between the listed price and the shelf price of their bodywash is any indication. 

I’m sure some of you will find this amusing – I felt guilty driving to the organic store.  I felt like I should have taken the bus!  Ha ha ha!

After dinner, Rob and I ran some errands that badly needed doing.  We’ve had a toilet that has been leaking for months.  I know – I am a terrible Ecoholic, that’s for sure!  We finally decided that we needed to replace our Flapper Valve, and picked up the parts.  Lo and behold!  I fixed it!  Well, I took the old part off and put the new part on.  Rob controlled the water supply and hooked up the chain to the handle thinger.  He was also the final word on whether the leak is fixed.  And it is.  I am very happy because I can FINALLY get the hard water stains off my toilet bowl now.  I’ll have to borrow some Descaler from L.  Anyway, I also got to pick up some cheap tools for the garden, some carrot and pea seeds (I’ve decided to grow some veggies in among my flowers… mostly because I can), and a few flower bulbs.  I do want to get a few more bulbs, but I keep forgetting how expensive they are!  Eeep!  We are going to be putting in a Pincherry bush, but I need to find a local nursery that carries them – neither Home Depot nor Walmart do.  I also got a nice pair of leather gloves and some green knee pads.  I can’t wait to get out there tomorrow and plant my new flowers!  I’ll have to get L to do some garden consulting for me – I’m not sure where to put stuff, except for the new bulbs I got – they grow to 3′ tall, so they go at the back.  That’s all I know. 

I am soooo happy for spring and summer to be here.  Seriously?  I am going to enjoy this green, green season.