I'm Soggy

On the Diaper Swappers Forum, there’s a portion for “Green Families”.  In that area, I found a term for mama’s like me – Soggy.  You know how there are “crunchy granola hippies”?  Well, if you don’t fit into the mainstream or into the crunchy stream, you are a Soggy.  So, here’s my list of why I am a soggy:

  • I turn off my lights when I’m not using them, but we have more incandescent bulbs that compact floursescents
  • I use liquid crystal deoderant, but enjoy a shot of perfume on occasion
  • I believe in aging, but I have a cabinet full of Mary Kay (that I don’t really use)
  • I make my own laundry detergent, but I still put my clothes in the dryer
  • I drive a compact SUV, but I don’t let it idle
  • I am going to make my own hair conditioner, but I am afraid to stop using shampoo
  • We use cloth diapers during the day, but haven’t made the night time switch yet
  • I am pro-breastfeeding, but weaned my daughter by 9 months
  • I only buy organic if it’s close to the same price as the non-organic
  • I don’t always buy fair-trade, organic coffee, and if I’m having coffee out?  I never even think about it
  • We still use commercial baby products on Kitten
  • We use a push reel mower on the lawn and we don’t fertilize, but we still water it once a week (or more, depending on the weather)
  • We use virgin forest paper products (we’re going to phase those out, I promise!)
  • We still buy bottled water (working on that too!)
  • I use a Diva Cup, but I back it up with disposable pantyliners
  • We don’t wear organic, fair-trade clothing (can people actually afford this?)
  • I am anti-oil drilling/sands, but I live in a province where if the industry crashed, we would face an economic disaster, so I don’t actually want the oil industry to stop (in our area, anyway!)
  • I am pro-birthing-choice, but would NEVER have my baby at home (on purpose, anyway)
  • I dislike cotton diaper wipes – I’d rather throw mine out
  • I don’t like nail polish, but I LOOOOVE getting pedicures
  • I consider joining Greenpeace, but I think it would be too much work
  • I get concerned about the BPA in bottles, but not enough to switch to glass (we use the Drop In system, which is wasteful, I know)

I’m sure there are more examples of my sogginess, but there you go.  Anyone else soggy?