War for the Oaks by Emma Bull

War for the Oaks by Emma Bull

Important Info:

  • ISBN – 13: 9780765349156
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Published By: Tor Books (mine is the 1987 printing, so it was published by Ace)
  • Pages: 309


Eddi McCandry is changing her life.  Leaving her rock & roll band, leaving her boyfriend, and allowing a Phouka to move in… Wait, a what?  Eddi, a mere mortal, is drafted as a talisman of sorts by the powers of the Seelie court to help them in their Faerie war.  Not knowing where to turn and who to trust, she accepts the protection of a half-man, half-dog from the Seelie court.  He, in turn, helps her understand the ways of the Fey, and guides her to places that she’s never been before.

What I liked:

Um, hello, love story?  I think I like you, come home with me.  This book was fantastic.  It’s the kind of romance where in the beginning you think “well, you obviously need to be with that guy”, and the character somehow magically listens to you and does what you say… eventually.  WFTO has epic battles, intreague, true love, all the things you need to make a book classic.  It also doesn’t hurt that I picked this one up at a used bookstore for $2.50 (it’s an old copy with a super ugly cover).

What I didn’t like:

I kind of felt like saying “No, he’s a bad guy!” or “No, you love him!” some of the time.  Although it’s evoking emotion, which it should do, I was kind of frustrated with Eddi.  I don’t know if it was just this printing run, but for the first chapter they kept switching between using the name “Eddi” and “Eddie”.  I got confused, thinking it was a different person, but they settled on Eddi by the end and all was well.  I’m not sure that they corrected it in further printings, but I have got to assume so.  Some of the language is a little dated, but I kind of want to have an excuse to tell someone to “get stuffed”, now!  On the other hand, I was thinking that some of the outfits she described would look pretty dang normal on the street these days.  Other than that, it was a great book.

I would recommend this book to most people.  There is some sex, but it’s mostly glossed over.  The only part that isn’t a total cut scene is an undressing one, which spends a lot more time describing the clothing than the actual act.  It was pretty tame, considering what I have read in the past.  There is violence in the book (they are fighting a war, after all), as well as some dark themes (that war?  Against the bad faeries).  Probably not a young adult book, however most 16 year olds could probably handle it.  I really love it, and anyone who appreciates a good faerie tale will really enjoy this book.