No Humans Involved by Kelley Armstrong

No Humans Involved by Kelley Armstrong

Important Info:

  • ISBN – 13:9780770429805
  • Format:Mass Market Paperbound
  • Published By:Random House of Canada
  • Pages: 505 (of story)


Following yet another Woman in the Otherworld (a present day setting that blends supernatural races with the unknowing human race), Armstrong creates another exciting story for Jaime Vegas, necromancer.  Jaime is involved in a highly anticipated “reality” show with two other “mediums”, with the sole purpose of finding out what happened to Marilyn Monroe.  Jaime is hell-bent on landing a show of her own, and has to beat out the two charlatans to get her real-deal talents on the air.  The ghosts in the garden of the house they’re all staying in have another agenda – to find a way to pass to the other side.  Jaime, being the kind person she is, can’t leave them there in limbo.  Unravelling their mystery will put her and her colleagues directly in harms way. 

For those of you who have read the other 6 books (Bitten, Stolen, Dime Store Magic, Industrial Magic, Haunted, and Broken – in chronological order), you’ll be pleased to see Jeremy resurface.  And if you remember where that left off?  You’ll be pleased.

What I liked:

I’ve always been a fan of Armstrong’s work.  She’s a solid writer, who’s able to give each of her characters in individual voice.  Jaime is a solid, wonderful heroine, who’s sick of having to be rescued all the time, but can’t leave home without her best lingerie.  Just in case a specific, gorgeous werewolf happens by.  The tension between the characters was wonderfully played out, and not rushed at all.  The suspense and “need to read” factor were definitely there in this book.

What I didn’t like:

Well, the subject was pretty dark.  Basically, a group of humans are trying to tap into a real magic source and discover that human sacrifice – children, specifically – works.  So, they deal with that a lot.  There is only one sacrificial scene, but due to Armstrong’s ability to pull emotion from the reader, I was so sad to read about the kid ghosts trapped in the garden.  I mean, I don’t even believe in ghosts and I was all “just let them pass over!”  It was a pretty dark book, in that regard. 

I would really only recommend this book to people who have read the rest of the series.  I suppose that a fresh reader would be able to stumble through it, as Armstrong does a good job of filling back-story in really quickly, I think that just to get the vibe of the story and to get all the innuendo to previous events… it would make sense to have all the information.  Those who REALLY want to get it should also read her online novella’s, and the few anthology shorts that are out there as well.  As with all of Armstrong’s work, it’s really only meant for adults, and ones with the stomach for a little violence and a little sex.