As the Naps Change

Ugh.  We are going through some pretty serious sleep regressions here.  I think I’m taking it hardest of all, as I was really enjoying my 9+ hours of sleep (um, I seriously need that much to not yawn all day long).  Here’s what happens in our house right now:

Kitten wakes up between 9 and 10 am.  This is pretty good, and I have absolutely NO complaints about when she wakes up.  Dude, I am so grateful that I don’t have one of those “up at the ass crack of dawn” kids.  I would die.  I am kind of the opposite of a morning person.

Kitten usually naps around 2-3 hours after she wakes up in the morning.  Sometimes she’ll nap for 2 hours, some days she’ll nap for 45 minutes.  It’s really kind of annyong, because I don’t know how she’ll nap for, or if she’ll be grumpy when she wakes up. 

Kitten will resist napping for the rest of the day, and will instead play in her crib for an hour in the afternoon.  This isn’t all that bad, except that she now gets cranky around 7:30 – 8 pm. 

I resist putting her to bed really early because she’ll get up earlier.  And, we all know how I feel about mornings.  She usually gets to bed by 8:30-9 pm, and she’s usually asleep fairly quickly.  This is probably the best part of our routine – she falls asleep pretty easily at night.

Last night wasn’t so fantastic, though.  Three times she woke up before midnight – first time she just cried, so I put her soother back in, checked her diaper, and covered her all up.  She fell back asleep almost immediately.  Second time, she was on all fours, stuck in the corner of her crib and crying.  I layed her back down in the middle of her crib, covered her up and put her soother in.  Again, she fell asleep quite quickly.  The third time, just around midnight, she was on all fours in the corner of her crib again, coughing and crying.  This time, I changed her wet diaper, gave her some Motrin (has to be teeth and other developmental advances that are waking her up, like pushing up on all fours), and gave her the rest of her bottle that she didn’t finish before bed.  She was actually really snuggly (which is unusual for our very independant and desires to sleep on her own baby), and drank half of her bottle while I rocked her in the rocking chair.  Half way through her bottle she started to spit out the nipple and shake the bottle – a sure sign that she wasn’t interested in it any more, so I gave her a soother and put her back into bed.  She did play for a few minutes, and continued to cough for a while before she fell asleep.  This means that I didn’t get to sleep until far after 1 am, as I can’t sleep until she is (plus Rob and I usually talk for a bit before we fall asleep – it’s one of the few times per day that we actually get to connect on a non-kid level). 

Kitten then woke up at 7 am, when Rob got up.  I could hear her crying, but Rob went to see what the matter was, and she was on all fours AGAIN, and stuck in the corner of her crib.  He thought that she was crying and kneeling while still asleep, as when he turned her over, she seemed really surprised to see him.  He put back in her soother and she fell back asleep until 9 am. 

I decided to try keeping her up a little longer in the morning, to see if she’s interested in losing the morning nap in favour of a longer afternoon nap.  It’s 1 hour past nap time, now, and she’s playing in her crib.  My bet is that she’s sitting up and pushing her crib toys around (it’s what she does, I think I should take her mobile down, but I’m just not ready).  I’m hoping that I didn’t completely eff up her schedule, it’s entirely possible that she will now REFUSE to sleep all day. 

This is our first “real” sleep regression.  Well, sleep disturbance, anyway.  Even at the 4 & 6 month marks, when babies are supposed to be waking up at night to nurse or just because they can and will, Kitten didn’t.  Maybe she’s just late to the teething game (stastically, most kids get their first chompers between 6-7 months old, and Kitten is almost 8.5 months), or maybe this is just typical nap transition time, or it could be that she’s doing too much developmentally and her brain won’t turn off (I wouldn’t know where she got that from ::cough::Nana::cough:: ). 

I guess it doesn’t really matter WHY she’s doing it, and I know that eventually we’ll have a better routine (whether we go back to the old routine, or develop a new one, I don’t know – I just want to know what time she’ll want to sleep and get up, so I can plan around it), it just sucks right now.

[note:  I realize that I am incredibly lucky that I get 8 hours of sleep in a row, and that my kid is so easy going.  I get that their are a lot worse off situations out there.  However, all things are relative, and when you’re used to something and it changes, it sucks.  It doesn’t matter if your kid goes from sleeping 12 hours a night to 8 or from 8 hours to 4, both situations are hard on the parents.]