Why I am Investing in Superglue

Some of you have lived this story, but I was hoping (dumbly) that it wouldn’t happen to me.  Luckily, my version is pretty minor compared to others.  This is how it goes…

Kitten was due for her afternoon nap at about 4 pm today.  She was acting a little tired, so I decided to put her down early, around 3:30.  I gave her kisses and a quick snuggle, then deposited her in her bed (on her back) as per usual.  I pulled up her little blankets, I turned on her toys, I layed her lovey on her face like she likes.  I then walked out of the room, and sat down to play some Wii (did I mention that we bought one?  Well, wii did).  About 20 minutes later, I could still hear her babbeling, so I went in to check on her.  Since she’s learned how to sit up in her crib, she often needs to be tucked back in a couple of times before she’ll actually fall asleep.  When I got in her room, I realized that she has a stinky diaper, and I changed it.  No big deal – it happens pretty often around here, and poop isn’t the worst thing in the world. 

After I was done changing her, I opted to not put her jeans back on.  She looked so cute in her socks and T-shirt, and I was just putting her to bed, so they weren’t necessary (Kitten generally sleeps under her blankets, so I knew she wouldn’t be too cold).  I gave her more kisses, put on her blankets and lovey,  turned on her toys and left the room.  I picked up my DS (yes, I am spoiled, I am aware) and played my game for a little bit, until Rob got home.  At this point, Kitten had been in her bed for nearly an hour, playing quietly but not really sleeping.  Truthfully, I expected her to be asleep by now, but I wasn’t all that surprised that she wasn’t – sometimes she just refuses to nap.  So, Rob had taken over the Wii (and was obliterating my high scores) so I went to check on Kitten.

Well, all I could do was laugh.  My darling DARLING baby girl was sitting up in her crib.  Very happy to be playing, sans diaper.  I don’t know how or when she removed it, but her little tushee was sitting on a nice bit pee spot in her sheets.  Luckily, I had the presence of mind to laugh, call Rob, then get my camera.  It was pretty funny, but I’ve learned my lesson – this kid must be wearing some form of diaper cover before being put to bed.  I ended up stripping her bed, and replacing the sheets, but she never did have an afternoon nap.  I suppose that I should be really grateful that she had a good morning nap, but yeah.  Too funny.

In other diaper-related news, I’ve decided to try cloth diapering (Carolyn!  You’d be so proud!).  We are trying to save a bit of money for things like videogames for basement renovations, so we decided to give cloth diapers a try.  My friend L uses prefolds, and had a bunch extra, so she lent us those, and I just had to buy a couple of diaper covers, and some fleece liners. 

I really wanted to try the fuzzibunz, but they’re $20 a diaper… which would be great if we had invested in them originally.  Sadly, I have a hard time justifying that cost knowing that she might only be in them for another 10 pounds (not sure how long that will be, but probably only another year before she has to change size).  Yes, that would cost about the same as disposibles, but that’s not factoring my time washing, plus the extra water/electricity we’d use for laundering them.  We opted for the prefolds, because they’re only $3 each, and you don’t need as many diaper covers. 

L lent us 6 prefolds, and I ordered two Bummis covers.  I ordered one Super Whisper Wrap (flower print!) and one Super Brites Wrap (green!).  I know that the two covers and 6 prefolds won’t be enough, but it should get me through one day, alternating the wraps.  I also ordered one Snappi Fastener (in purple) to see how it works (hopefully it will prevent things like Kitten removing her diaper for funsies), which will be interesting (it’s a three pronged bungee system to replace pins – I know it’s uncessary when using a wrap, but sometimes I’m thinking I might want the backup (like at night, or for naps).  I also ordered 6 microfleece liners.  These, I am very excited about.  They go in between the baby and the prefold, to act as a super-wicking agent, and also to make cleaning up the poop easier (you carry a piece of fabric to dump into the loo instead of the whole prefold).  They’re also good for when you need to use a bit of diaper cream, as it prevents the cream from getting in to the prefold, and thus affecting it’s ability to absorb liquid.  L didn’t get any of these, so I’m interested to try them.  My only concern is the added bulk that will come because of the liners.  Well, try and learn, right?  I am slightly sad that Parenting by Nature is only carrying them in white right now.  I was truly hoping to get some fun colours.  Oh well.

Oh, and if you’re interested, I’ll be using unbleached Indian Cotton Prefolds, ordered from Parenting by Nature as well.  She took the big step and ordered a full kit, though, so she’s all kinds of set up.  And kind of my diapering hero.  I think that Kitten will like the cloth – I know that L’s little boy prefers the cloth when given the choice between it and the disposible.  And even if I use the cloth half time?  That’s half as many diapers being thrown out into our dumps, and half the money for us to spend.

One added bonus?  Kitten’s butt is so tiny that she tends not to fit pants well (either the pants fit around her middle but are too short in the leg, or they fit in the length but are too big around the middle), so this will fill out her tiny patooty and now she’ll actually fit into her pants!  Yay!