The Unplumbed Depths of Our Geekdom

There are only two things I don’t like about my husband’s love of videogames: 1) when he spends more time with them than with me (which hasn’t been a problem AT ALL since Kitten has been born, so it doesn’t even need to be on this list, really) and 2) the fact that we have boxes of empty videogame boxes in our basement.  Seriously people, boxes of empty videogame boxes.  Gah.  They sit there and take up space and just make me crazy (especially because I’ve been feeling like I need to purge all the crap from our basement).

During my last forage through the basement to see what I could throw out/recycle/donate, I asked Rob about the boxes (of boxes).  His first answer was yes, we needed them.  After a little more needling asking searching questions, I found out that he keeps his Gameboy Advance game boxes for sentimental value.  I double checked – “so you’re sure that you aren’t keeping them in case you want to sell them later?” No.  Resoundingly no, as Rob views his games as a collection – you don’t just start selling your collection willy-nilly (and having the original boxes wouldn’t necessarily increase their value).  We really wanted to find a compromise, a way for Rob to keep his boxes, and for me to keep my sanity (and space in our small, storage deprived basement) so I volunteered to scrapbook his boxes

Either I am completely insane (totally possible!) or I really love my husband.  I’m going with the latter, but I won’t argue if you thing the former.  This means that I spend an hour in our kitchen tonight cutting the fronts and backs off some of his boxes.  I only got a small portion of them done (have I mentioned how many games he has?  Kill me now), and still have a lot more to do.  After I’m done seperating them all, I will need to stamp small “journalling” pages, so he can write when he finished each game, and whatever else he wants to (“this game was awesome!  I beat it on hard!” “this game really wasn’t worth the $20 I spent on it.  The gameplay was slow and uninspiring”).  In order to complete this project I’m going to have to get a manly looking scrapbook, as he kind of protests to pink, some cool paper (I have to believe that there is videogame inspired scrapbook paper out there, and if I could find Nintendo paper?  SCORE!), and a lot of time.  Strangely, I’m looking forward to the project.  It marries my deep love of scrapbooking, with my love of throwing stuff out/freeing up space in the basement, with his love of videogames and his love of his collecting things.  It’s like the ultimate polygamist relationship!

Now, ask me how grateful I am that the Gamecube games didn’t come in boxes!!!