She Always has the Last Word

Due to the fact that I was all “hey, look what Kitten is up to lately”, she decided to add two things to her list of stuff she’s doing these days.  After her morning nap, I went to get her only to find her sitting up in her crib.  She did that all by herself.  I was so surprised!  It looks like we’ll have to drop her crib down to the lowest setting (it was on the medium one) in the not too distant future.  After all, she’ll be pulling herself up in no time.

The other thing she did tonight was walk the entire length of the couch by holding on to the edge of the cushions.  I didn’t get to see this, I was out, but Rob said that she wobbled from one end of our couch to the other, trying to catch all the electronics that she could. 

I didn’t get pictures or videos of either events, boo on us!