Kitten Update

Some of you are probably curious as to what Kitten is up to these days.  Here’s my laundry list of new and exciting things.

  • She army crawls.  Fast, and will go anywhere and every where.  She used to flap her arms and just “swim” in the air if the object of her desire was more than 6 feet away, but now she will crawl the length of our house several times just for fun.
  • She laughs and squeals at the cats if she can get within arms reach of them.  Tych (the older one, who’s prone to biting) will generally let her touch grab him until he’s sick of her, then will run away.  Nybbles will let her barely touch her, then she’ll run off.  Nybbles in the more skiddish one, so it’s not surprising.  Kitten’s favourite passtime is trying to catch the cats.
  • Well, when she’s not going for the stereo/tv cords, that is.  I’ve managed to find a somewhat simple way to thwart most of her plans:  Put her toy hamper right in front of the TV stand.  That way, she gets distracted by her toys on the way to the TV. 
  • We’ve moved her up to the highest setting on her jumperoo.  She’ll probably not get to use it for more than a couple of months.  This saddens me a lot, however, we know that once she’s walking running, I know she’ll refuse to be in it. 
  • Kitten has been clapping for a few weeks now.  Maybe even a month.  But only a few days ago, she started to clap socially… as in claps when other people are clapping.  Even if she just hears clapping (like on TV or a CD), she’ll clap along.  She also claps to show emotion – whenever she’s really happy or really upset (or having her diaper changed… I’m not sure what emotion this is) she claps.  It’s too cute.
  • She constantly swings her feet when she’s happy.  Especially in her high chair, when she sees her favourite food coming.
  • This kid now eats canned peas off her tray.  All by herself.  I find that the frozen peas don’t get soft enough, even when you boil the crap out of them, so I went with the canned peas (I realize that they have sodium and sugar in them, but considering that she’s getting a tablespoon at a time… I figure that she’s not getting that much salt or sugar).  She will also eat those “Little Graduates” finger food snacks if I break them into smaller pieces.  Those are also pretty much non-food… but this stage is more about learning how to get the food from the tray into her mouth.  It’s significantly drawn out her meal times, but there you go.
  • She now eats half a jar of mixed veggie/meat baby food, half a jar of fruit, and a serving of baby cereal with yogurt for dinner.  And a small bottle, and her spoon full of peas.  For lunch she gets a big bottle and a serving of cereal with yogurt again.  My milk is almost dried up, so she still tries to nurse in the morning, but I think she doesn’t get too much.  I had to give her a medium sized bottle this morning before she went to bed.  Feeding her has been an adventure, but it’s a lot easier now that she likes to take solids and will actually open her mouth.
  • Kitten makes a lot of noise, and likes to experiment with different sounds.  She’ll try every kind of shape she can get her mouth around, even making ‘pah’ noises.  If you hiss at her (she has a Simba doll, so we say “ss-sss-sss-simba” a lot), she pushes air out of her mouth (not an sss, though).  She has also started to buzz her lips when she feels like it. 
  • She still has two naps a day, although some days she’s quite upset about having to take the second nap.  It drives me nuts, and I wish she’d just give in, but there you go.
  • Still no teeth.  I can now feel rough, uneven bumps on her lower gums, so I assume they are on their way… but nothing yet.  She’s also gone from enjoying me washing her gums with the face cloth to resisting as hard as possible. 
  • Did I tell you that she’s moved into her own bath tub, and no longer bathes with me?  She’s totally in her element, and loves LOVES to splash and play with her toys.  If you open the door and start to run the water, she’ll drop what she’s doing and army crawl with a VENGENCE to get there.  Loves her bath.
  • She’s 8 months old, and coming up on 20 pounds.  She’s also pretty tall, around 29 inches.  We have her mostly in 12 month clothes, but dressing her has been a challenge.  She’s quite slender, still, so things that fit in length tend to be too big around the middle.  This isn’t really anything new… but yeah.  Annoying.
  • She’s had her share of colds and coughs, lately.  The Playschool Plague seems to have made the rounds in our house, with me getting it last.  Both Kitten and I are still coughing, but mostly we feel all right.
  • We’ve been playing a lot with my neighbour and her kid.  It’s pretty fun, and Kitten gets really excited when she sees him.  She kicks and babbles and just gets all shades of excited.  They are so cute together! 

Well, I think that’s pretty much everything, but it could change tomorrow.  Maybe she’ll cut a tooth soon.