CSFF Blog Tour – On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness

(possibly my longest blog post title ever)

This month, the Christian Science-Fiction and Fantasy Blog tour is reviewing On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness by Andrew Peterson.  I’m not going to copy the blurb for my blog, so if you want to read the official “what it’s about”, just follow the link.  In my own words, it’s about a family who are being persecuted by these snake people, and their struggle for freedom.

That being said, it sounds like an adult book, but it’s really written for ages 10-12.  Truthfully, any one will enjoy this book, as it’s witty, quick paced, and just fun to read.  I do have to say that I think that it lends to being read out loud, rather than just read  by one person.  I think that the in-jokes would be funnier, and the language just screams to be read out loud.  I can’t wait until Kitten is old enough so we can read this book to her (just as a note:  There are scary parts in it, so if you have an easily scared child, or want to protect their imaginations as long as possible, I would recommend reading this one to yourself first to see if it’s appropriate for your child.  In fact, it’s probably not a bad idea to read every thing your kids read – if not to protect them, but at least to be able to dialogue about the book with them).  I do have to say that I did really enjoy it, and even as an adult reading it to a kid, you’ll look forward to story time as much as they will!

There were a few things that I really loved about this book, besides all the word plays.  So I’ll list them off, to keep my own brain straight.

  1. Oskar Reteep, the bookshop owner/librarian.  I absolutely loved how he quoted a million authors that had to say exactly what he wanted to.  Part of me thought that he just made most of it up, but if a person is incredibly well read… I suppose it’s possible!  He was a wonderful character.
  2. All the funny animals.  The toothy cows, the Thwaps, the horned hounds and the sea dragons.  They were very brilliantly thought up, and each animal even seemed to have a personality, which is not always brought out in fantasy books.
  3. The illustrations.  I can’t believe how beautiful this book was inside.  I’m going to write about the book in general tomorrow, but yeah.  I loved the obviously hand-drawn pictures in the book. 
  4. Peet the Sock-man was such a brilliant character.  I loved trying to guess who he really was, and I would have never guessed the real answer. 

All in all, I would really recommend this book to pretty much anyone, whether you wanted to read it yourself, or read it to someone else, it’s truly fantastic.