My $60 Boob Job

Today I got a $60 boob job.  In the form of two new right sized bras.  I never realized how much of a difference that a proper bra could make.

I’ve been wearing a reasonably supportive nursing bra for the past… well… Almost a year and a half.  Maybe a year and a quarter.  While it was reasonably supportive, it just didn’t give the lift, shape or support that a regular underwire does.  It was my only choice, though, so I suffered through it. 

We’ve been actively weening Kitten lately, and she’s down to one, maybe two feedings a day (morning always and before bed sometimes, in case you were curious).  Knowing that our nursing relationship would soon be over, I started trolling the mall and then the internet for new bras.  I tried on one of my pre-pregnancy bras, and I knew that I was still too big for that size and decided that I had to bite the bullet and buy a new bra.  I have actually been very excited to get a pretty, new underwire bra.  I was so tired of wearing that ugly old nursing bra that I had pretty much worn the stuffing right out of, so I was totally pumped.

I got sized in the brand that I absolutely love (Freya, if you must know), and looked at to see what they had.  They’re my favourite site for lingerie, by far, so it wasn’t too much of a stretch to see what they had.  Happily, they have a lot of different Freya options in my size.  Just for a lark, I cruised over to ebay, so see what they had for bras.  Lo and behold – I found the ones that I had liked on figleaves for a fraction of the price.  Without a second thought, we decided to order them.

Well, they came today, and seriously?  I can not explain how different I look.  I mean, I have boobs again… not just milk bags.  They sit where they’re supposed to, and they look like two seperate entities again!  I am so thrilled.  Even some of the shirts that I had bought look so much better, like they’re supposed to. 

So, I guess that this is what I have to tell you:  Go to that fancy lingerie shop and get sized.  Most places just measure your rib cage and your bust line (with your bra on), and they don’t really touch you or get all fresh on you.  I just really think that every woman should know the joy of a perfectly fitting bra.