[/minor breakdown]

Dude.  I totally thought that the blog tour was this week, and I was feeling VERY guilty for not participating yet, and for not finishing the book to date.  So, imagine my GREAT relief when I double checked my email and read that the tour is next week.  Yes!  I’ll have time to finish On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness, which is shaping up to be a wonderful Tween-aged book, or one that you might read to a younger audience (depending on the kids – it might scare some).  I am looking forward to the blog tour, but I am oh-so-grateful that it isn’t this week.

In other news, Kitten has a cold, and is very, very snotty.  I feel bad for her, as she’s coughing and drooling and pouring snot all over her face.  On the other hand, I am so thankful that she’s not completely congested and stuffed up – at least at this point, stuff is moving around.  Phew!  I have, however, fished some MIGHTY boogers out of her nose.  And that is all I have to say about that.

Baby Salsa was pretty fun, although my hips would like to tell you that they are sore, and they forgot that they could move like that.  I also found out that I am not good at “letting the sexy out” in a group of women that I don’t know.  And that I have a very dominant right foot THAT DOESN’T WANT TO MOVE BACKWARDS.   So frustrating.  But Kitten had a fun time (she was the only baby with a rattle – what the heck?), and the carrier that I used was reasonably comfortable, so all was well.  It’s a cuddle wrap.  I find it much different than our sling, and I’m so grateful that I have one that I can borrow.  I like that it’s good for Kitten’s age, when she wants to look all around, but it’s also good for newborns, as you can tuck their little head inside and they will be all snuggled up and secure. 

Tomorrow, L & I have big plans to do Walmart.  We’ve been planning to go every day this week thus far, but her little dude has been taking monster naps in the afternoon, and by the time he wakes up it’s just too late to go.  Or, he wakes up just after Kitten goes down for hers.  So yeah.  The schedules just aren’t lining up that well these days.  ::sigh::

Well, both Rob and the cat are in bed now, which means that I should turn off the light and call it a day.  So, Adieu.