Toot Sweet

Three things:

Tomorrow is the first day of Kitten’s swimming lessons!  So begins her official swimming career, and I am very excited.  We are going with our neighbour and her 1 year old boy.  It’s going to be a very good time.  Kitten is no stranger to water, as we used to go swimming a lot (my friend went back to work, which is The Suck, but there you go) and she loves bath time.  It’s probably her favourite time of day.  Tonight she splashed almost the whole time.  Usually, she chews on her bath toys most of the time, and splashes a little – the complete reverse tonight!

Kitten figured out how to clap today.  It’s been very fun to watch her try, and actually get to do it.  Yesterday I noticed that she’s bring her hands together and link her fingers, like some people pray or the way that kids have to sit when they’re being good at Story Time.  So, with her penchant for slapping, tapping and banging on ALL things, it wasn’t long before she figured out that she could slap her own hands together.  She doesn’t always do it when we do, but she’s started to.  One thing that she does always copy is when we say “no no no” and shake our heads, she will too.  It’s pretty funny, and she will also do that when we do something to her that she doesn’t like (put a shirt over her head, etc). 

Did you see Unhitched tonight?  I enjoyed it.  It wasn’t the best ever TV show, but considering what we’ve had to watch (re-runs or reality TV/Game shows), it was pretty decent.  I will watch it again next week, as long as it doesn’t interfere with TLC’s I Can Make You Thin with Paul McKenna