The Numbers Keep on Shrinking

During my pregnancy with Kitten, the most I weighed was 216 lbs.  I thought that surely a lot of that would be water weight, but in the first month or two, I only lost around 16 lbs.  A month or two after that, I slowly started losing weight to 190 lbs.  I was pleased that the numbers kept on shrinking, even if it was taking a while and I wasn’t noticing too much change in my body.  All at once, I lost another 10 lbs and I stayed at 180 lbs for the longest time.  Probably about 3 months.  I wasn’t too upset about it, but I was really hoping that I would have lost just a little bit more by that time. 

As I kept staring at the 180 lbs, I kept thinking to myself “I weigh as much as my dad did when I was in high school”, and for some reason that just grosses me out.  I mean, it’s not obese by any means, and I was still carrying around a lot of milk.  So I started to be a little more careful with what I ate, and got down to 175 lbs… which is almost a pre-pregnancy weight for me.  The most I weighed before I got pregnant was 170, but when I actually got pregnant I was down again to 160 lbs. 

The one thing that really bugs me right now is how my clothes fit.  Due to the stretching of my belly, I have a lot of really soft skin around my middle… which makes it a lot harder for me to buy jeans.  I have to find stuff that is higher waisted, so the waist band doesn’t cut right across the widest part of my hips.  This seems to be a challenge because I don’t really like to spend very much money on jeans, and the cheap ones seem to be low rise.  It’s sad, because even though I technically fit in some of my pre-pregnancy jeans, I can’t wear them because the fat oozes over the waist of the pants.  It’s not really the look that I was going for.  The numbers don’t even bother me so much, because I’m not noticing much of a difference from 190 to 175.  I still have to shop at the Big Girls store… which wouldn’t be so bad if their clothes fit me right, either.  It seems that my boobs fit their tops, but then it just seems to add pounds around my middle that I don’t have.  Or, the pants will fit my thighs, but be gaping in the waist.  I understand that I can take these things to a tailor, but I’m afraid that my $100 outfit is going to double in price from all the tailoring.  I guess it might be worth it for a few really nice items.  I’m so tired of looking scruffy all the time. 

In an effort to lose even more weight, in hopes that I’ll be able to fit into some of my old clothes, or at least be able to shop at the usual box stores a little more often, I’m trying a few things.  First, I’m counting calories… which is kind of hard and can be such a chore, but the math doesn’t lie – if you burn more calories than you eat, you’ll lose weight.  I’m also trying to make my calories count where I can, and not eat junk.  Except for Starbucks.  Why can’t I just quit you?  But I do try to order their low-cal drinks, so I can have my cake and eat it too (per se).

I’m also joining a Salsa Baby class, where we do an aerobic/salsa routine with the babies attached to our chests.  It’s fun for baby (they get their own maracca to shake), and we get to burn extra calories by using their weight.  I was thinking about trying out T-Tapp, but it seems like a lot of money and I don’t personally know anyone who has had great success on it.  I’m kind of reticient to spend more money on exercise stuff when I have a perfectly good gym membership going to waste (waist?).  I am finding it very hard to get out and walk with Kitten right now, as it’s quite snowy, and I don’t have a stroller that will go through more than an inch or so of snow.  Does anyone have any suggestions of things I can do at home?  I’m trying to stay active, as a body in motion stays in motion… but it’s not all that easy.  Anybody have any suggestions or encouragements?