Face Down

Last night I went into Kitten’s room to make sure that she was all tucked in before I went to bed, as I do every night.  Last night, though, I received a surprise.  Kitten was laying on her belly, sound asleep.  This is a surprise, as we always put her down on her back, and when she does flip over, she usually cries so we’ll come and flip her over.  I am so grateful that she learned to sleep on her belly, as I was worried that we’d have to perform a little bit of sleep training so we weren’t going in every night to flip her over (she’s only flipped a couple of times, so we hadn’t bothered to worry about it yet, but I guess now we don’t!).  I’m not a huge fan of sleep training (aka comforting, but trying to let them cry it out, too), so I am very relieved that it probably won’t be in our future.  Anyway, she slept pretty well for the rest of the night, and when I got her this morning?  She was already flipped over on to her back.