Poor Baby!

Kitten has a cold, and it seemed to be ok for the most part until yesterday.  It got decidedly worse during the day.  The poor thing is losing her voice, and if she wasn’t so sad it would be stinking funny!  I love her little whimpers and she sounds hilarious when she laughs.  I’m not sure why I think this, but I do.  I guess it’s good that I think she’s cute when she’s sick.

Anyway, she has a bad stuffy nose, a squeaky voice and a bad cough.  She’s not barking when she coughs, so I don’t think it’s Croup.  She also doesn’t seem to have much of a fever, and if she does have a fever, it’s hardly worth mentioning.  I’ve been giving her tylenol off and on, when she’s especially fussy.  I assume that she must have sinus pressure and headaches like I get when I have a cold, plus I don’t trust my thermometer. 

Sadly, all this sickness means that I’ve been home for the past week, and I’m feeling a little squirely.  I’m even considering going to Walmart (gasp!) to get out, and I hate going to Walmart on a Sunday.  Maybe I’ll just pack up the family and go to the grocery store… we do need to get our groceries for the next week, anyway. 

All of this staying at home isn’t helping me feel good and energized, which is too bad.  I’m still thinking about taking Kitten for swimming lessons, and maybe signing up for a baby & me class or two.  We’ll see.  I was thinking maybe stollersize, but then again, the baby & me aquasize sound pretty good too.  I’m down to 175 lbs, which is almost a pre-pregnancy weight for me (I was 170 at my heaviest before having the baby, and was down to 160 when I got pregnant), and I’m pretty happy about that… but I would like to get a little active to see if it helps me drop a little more.

It’s funny – I’ve lost another 5 lbs, and I feel FATTER than before!  What’s with that?  I think it might be because my skin around my belly is looser, so it feels more jiggly.  I don’t know, but it’s not all together a fantastic feeling.  Next week is class registration, so I’ll make up my mind by then!