Mumble Mumble Cough

Kitten is enjoying her food now.  She had two days of rejecting the squash outright, then two days of eating it all up (yum!), and yesterday she had carrots and ate them just fine.  Well, for the most part.  She seems to have a tolerance… she’ll only eat them for so long before she starts to gag and is pretty much done.  That’s fine by me, as long as she tries to eat some of it, I’m a happy camper.  She wanted more carrots yesterday, when I stopped feeding her, she started to cry.  It was too funny.  What wasn’t funny though, was her diaper this morning.  It was orange, it smelled badly, and seriously?  I can’t get all the colour off of her butt.  Poor kid, carrot stained bum!

Kitten has slept poorly last night as well.  It was pretty frustrating because she wouldn’t nap in the afternoon, then went to bed early, but started to wake up a lot around 6 am… so Rob and I took turns going in to put her back to sleep.  That usually just involves plugging a soother back in, and tucking her blankets in, but also included flipping her back onto her back, and turning off her little crib-side toy.  ::sigh::  I woke up much earlier than I had hoped today, so I’m hoping that she’ll nap this afternoon so I can clean the house.

I have been very lazy the past couple of days, and it’s starting to show in the housework.  I only got Kitten’s sheets changed yesterday, and nothing else done.  So today I should work on getting the bathrooms cleaned, the mirrors cleaned, the house dusted and our bedding changed.  We’ll see how that goes.  It’s also Kitchen Week in our zone cleaning (from, so I should do something in there as well.  I like to do a thorough dusting, and this week I also plan on pulling out the fridge and the stove to clean behind them.  I should take pictures, because DUDE.  It’s been a couple of years since they’ve been cleaned.

I made a pepper steak meat pie last night for dinner, and it was SPECTACULAR.  Just thought I’d share.  Tonight we’re having tacos.  Yay.

Rob has a bad cold, and I’m ready to have him move out.  I feel bad for the guy – it sucks when you feel super crappy like that, but it’s also frustrating.  I should really stop and pick him up some cold medication tonight.  We’ll see what we can find.

Kitten’s up, so I’ve got to run.  We’re going out to buy some legwarmers for her and her cousin, as well as a Frogpod for the bath and possibly some Sigg water bottles (yeah, I haven’t stopped with the bottled water yet, but I’m working on it!).