Funkmaster K Can't Shake This Nasty Feeling

Lately I’ve been feeling kind of cranky, and I can’t quite put my finger on it.  I’m not sure why, but I’m short tempered, very tired, and kind of bored all the time.  I’m looking for a class or something to take Kitten to to spice up our weeks, now that my friend N has gone back to work.  I could enroll us in swimming lessons, but the plan was for N and I do take the babies together.  So I’m not all that motivated to go, you know?  Maybe I’ll schedule it for Saturdays when both Rob and I can go.  That might be kind of fun.  Truthfully, though, I think that I’m looking for something to get me out of the hosue during the week.

So, I was thinking that it might be fun to go to a music class.  Both Kitten and I really enjoy music, so it might be a really good opportunity for us to meet some other moms and just enjoy some time not at home.  I was also looking at Gymboree classes, but haven’t really decided yet on what I want to do.  The Gymboree ones are kind of pricey for what you get (basically an hour of entertainment), whereas some of the music classes are close to the same amount, but you get take-home stuff like a CD, activity books, and with one program even a scarf and some baby instruments.  These things aren’t necessary by any means, but if I’m spending the same amount (or less, actually) than some of the other classes, it makes sense to take the class where you get a little more for your money.

I’m also wondering if I’m feeling pretty pissy just because we’re leaving out one nursing session in the afternoon.  She eats food and has a small bottle at dinner time, so my milk supply is decreasing, and so I think that my hormone levels might be changing again. 

It fully sucks, no matter the reason.  So, I may not be all that chipper for the next little bit, and don’t ask me why, because I just. don’t. know.  ::sigh::