When Your Day Goes From Bad to Worse

Today kind of blew big stinky chunks.  It’s still sub-arctic here, which is actually the root of all of our problems.  It’s -30 C right now, but with the wind chill (or wind shield if you’re my crazy husband) it’s down to -41 C.  It’s been pretty much effing cold all day, starting at -35 C this morning.  Rob stayed home from work today because Kitten had her 6 month immunizations today.

So, we woke up at a reasonable time this morning, although we had noticed that the power went out again last night, so it’s a good thing that Rob didn’t have to catch the bus – it was 9 am when we woke up, but he usually catches the bus by about 7:30… so yeah.  He would have been insanely late (come to think of it, I’m pretty sure that the buses in our neighbourhood weren’t running today because of the cold).  Regardless, we were up, dressed and fed in time to leave for Kitten’s shots.  Only the car wouldn’t start.  It started yesterday no problem, so we assumed that it would start this morning.  No such luck.  So Rob went to the back to start the “back up” car, which wouldn’t start either.  We were pretty much stranded at home, with a fairly important appointment to go to (it takes a long time to get into the clinic, and I really didn’t want to put it off and have Rob stay home AGAIN for another day at a later date).  So I did what all self-sufficient adults do.  Call their mom. 

Mom was very gracious to come and pick us up to take us to the appointment.  The only problem?  I couldn’t get Kitten’s car seat out of our car.  It seems that leather seats like to freeze in -40 conditions, and tend not to give enough to get the LATCH system to let go.  ::sigh::  In the end, we used Kitten’s old infant bucket seat, which is a tiny bit too small, but not so small that it was unsafe.  So that was a lot easier to strap her into mom’s car with.  It was nice, though, that her car was nice and toasty. 

The shots themselves weren’t so bad, and I got though it without crying (go me!).  I did feel like throwing up, but all was well.  The first shot Kitten didn’t even react to, but she did cry for the second one.  The nurse said that at this age, that is what they usually do.  I got lots of information on feeding her, though, which was really helpful.  It looks like they completely threw out the rule book on feeding them.  The only rules that she told me is that Kitten needs to have mashed/strained/pureed food for a bit, that she can’t have peanut butter until she’s closer to 1 (only because it’s a choking hazard – apparently babies who are allergic to it are more likely to have a skin rash, where as toddlers are more likely to go into anaphylactic shock), and that she can’t have milk or honey until she’s over a year as well.  So that was kind of good news. 

On our way home, Mom ran us to Home Depot so we could buy an extension cord for the second car, as we only had one.  We discovered this morning that the extension cord is also not working well – someone had used our extension cord without us knowing, and broke part of a prong off in the cord.  Rob had been plugging the back car in, but it wouldn’t plug in all the way.  Anyway, we plugged in our Tucson and went on with our afternoon… which looked an awful lot like Kitten crying, sleeping for 5 minutes, crying, eating a bottle, crying for a while, being rocked and cuddled, falling asleep, waking up 5 minutes later crying, being held, crying for a few minutes, then several hours of sleep.  I took a shower and vegged out during that time, as I was soooo tired of being a mom at that point.  I’m so glad that I am blessed with a usually happy baby, as this?  Was torture. 

During this time, Rob discovered that the car still wouldn’t start, and that the plug in outside our house didn’t work.  This involved cursing, being very angry, and stomping around.  A short conversation with my step-dad later, we fixed the plug, and it started to heat up the car.  Mom was already on her way with a longer extension cord so we could plug in to the back if we needed to, but it turned out that we needed to replace the extension cord anyway (we’re pretty sure that it wasn’t working because of the bit stuck in it).  So, we finally got our car running, but noticed that it’s leaking anti-freeze.  Rob’s dad thinks it might just be because of the extreme cold, but we’re not sure, and a little bit wary of driving it.  We have no desire to get stranded any where. 

Funny thing is, though, that even with the new extension cord, it still trips the breaker on the back plug in when we plug in the car.  I don’t get it.  Now we’re wondering if something is wrong with the old car, that it’s causing the breaker to trip.  ::shrugs::  Oh well.  I’m just glad that we were able to get the car started, and that our house isn’t broken. 

In other news, Kitten tried pureed pears tonight.  The nurse said that I could just blend up some canned fruit and try her on that instead of commercially made baby food if I wanted, so I gave it a try.  She hated them.  I think it might have been the texture, as it was kind of frothy from too much blending (I didn’t want any big lumps).  So, hopefully when she tries it again tomorrow, it won’t be so bad.  If she doesn’t like them, oh well.  We’ll just keep offering it to her and see if she eventually starts to eat them.  And if nothing else, I can always mix them in with her cereal!  She’s eating wheat cereal now in addition to rice cereal, and actually seems to enjoy it pretty steadily.  And boy, does the wheat cereal ever make her regular.  Speaking of that, I really aught to go check her diaper.  Being a mom is so prestigious! 😛