I'm an Ice Cube. Seriously.

Dude.  It is cold up in here today.  I looked at the temperature today, and it read -31 Celcius.  Then, I looked at the “feels like” temperature which takes the wind chill into account, and it said – friggin 45 Celcius.  That’s just WRONG, people.  WRONG.  So, we stayed inside most of the day.  Rob went out to shovel the sidewalk, only because it stopped snowing (did I mention that the cold, cold wind from the north brought snow?  Well, it did.  A lot of it) and we had 2′ drifts.  So he would go out for about 4 minutes, then come in to warm up before going out again.  It was pretty brutal.  I’m glad that Kitten and I didn’t have to go out at all.  I hope that the wind dies down tomorrow, as we’re going to the health center for Kitten’s shots.  I’m not looking forward to it, but there you go.  After the shots, we’ll be stopping at a local store to see what Sigg bottles they have in stock. 

I have a confession to make.  I buy bottled water.  I know, I’m ruining the environment singlehandedly, so I’m sincerely trying not to buy them any more… after this flat is gone.  My city has crappy tasting water (yum!  Chlorine flavoured water!), so I’ll also be picking up a water filter jug system for the fridge.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  I know my parents used to have an old school Brita, but I thought it tasted HORRIBLE, so I’m kind of reticient to get one of those.  Truthfully, I know they’ve probably come a long way, and I’m sure that my parents didn’t change the filter enough… but yeah.  I’m wary.  So if you can tell me what kind you have and like, I’d appreciate it.  Any way, the Sigg bottles are to replace the little bottles, as I can just fill them up and put them in the fridge and grab one when I like it.  Oh so convenient.  I just really hope that the store we’re stopping at has some cool ones, especially fantastic if they have the circle ones.  I really like those. 

My roof keeps making a popping noise, due to the fact that it’s really cold outside, and warm inside.  It’s kind of annoying, and I hope that it doesn’t keep my up all night!  It’s supposed to get down to – 38 Celcius tonight, and that kind of scares me.  Yikes!  At least we have Saturday to look forward to, it’s supposed to go up to a balmy -12 C. 

On the plus side of it being so cold, we got loads of housework done today, and Rob even had time to help me clean the windows.  Which is all sorts of yay!