For a Few Demons More

Last night I finished For a Few Demons More by Kim Harrison.  I really want to talk about it, but I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, so if you’re interested in my take about it, and have either read it or don’t care if it’s spoiled for you (GIANT SPOILER ALERT!!!), then follow the jump.

I really liked FAFDM, but I’m really choked with the ending.  I am so mad that she killed off Kisten (see?  Spoiler.  Giant ugly spoiler!).  He was possibly my favorite character in the series, followed very closely by Jenks… then everyone else.  I think that I felt that his death was kind of needless.

I understand that he probably had to die to create new plots, and to open up a way for Ivy and Rachel to find a blood balance, although I don’t think that it was truly necessary.  Both Ivy and Kisten would have been ok with sharing Rachel, she was the only one with the problem… and having Kist out of the picture won’t fix that problem for sure. 

I’m obviously too emotionally involved in my reading, as it hit me pretty hard last night.  I was all “first Heath Ledger dies, now Kisten?  CRAP!”  Because he’s real and stuff.

I was also pretty cheesed that she chose to add the short story about Kisten in the back of the book.  I understand how some fans would like to have that little bit more of Kisten and Rachel, but I found it kind of mean.  It was like Harrison was saying “I know I just killed your favorite character, and a character that was good with Rachel… so here’s a taste of how good it really was!!”  Or at least I’m speculating, I didn’t read the story.  I was kind of done with the Interlanders for a while, at that point.  I couldn’t even bring myself to read the intro to the next book (other than the first page, where we know that Al comes back).

While I was moping about the house last night, Rob asked if authors usually kill off their characters.  I said that they usually don’t, except for George RR Martin.  He seems to do it a lot.  So Rob was confused as to why I was upset about this one, but not about the GRRM characters… which I pointed out that while I was reading the book where some of his characters get the axe (literally), I didn’t know Rob, so he didn’t see my moping then.  Rob then pointed out that it was probably a lot like the Lost series, where just about anyone is fair game for the writers to destroy.  ::sigh::

I know that I’ll keep reading the series.  I’m just reeling a bit from the death of such a beloved character.