Auralia's Colors by Jeff Overstreet – Third day

No blog tour would be complete without talking about the physical book itself.  When I first got it, I wasn’t overly impressed by the cover or the size of the book.  I thought it was very very average.  When I finally picked it up to read it, a couple of thoughts flashed through my mind.  First, I’m so glad it’s not a huge book and second This cover is really pretty.

I was pleased that it wasn’t a giant book because let’s face it – I just don’t have the time these days for reading.  I hardly have any time to run around online like I used to, and I have even less time to read these days.  I spend a lot of my time cleaning and playing with Kitten… so I guess that my other interests have just been slightly neglected.  So to pick up Auralia’s Colors was pretty easy.  It’s a big story in a small to average sized book, and that just thrills me.  I seem to prefer sussinct writing these days – while the story was lyrical, flowery and vivid, I didn’t find that Mr. Overstreet wasted time with needless description or plot fillers.

I really liked the whole layout of the book, after I really looked at it.  While it is a photoshop type picture, I didn’t feel that it had the lack of artistic quality that other books have had.  The artistry was done well, and I thought that it worked really well together – nothing felt like it was just pasted on there, it kind of looked more like a scene.  I also may have loved it because I’m a sucker for scrolls and such.  I also really liked the name-plate that the title was on.  It was just really fantastic in the way that the artwork really matched the mood of the book.  Inside the book, the scrolls are continued to be used on the chapter pages, and as scene dividers.  Both were done really well.  I really liked the graphic nature of the publishing – it just wasn’t straight text or keyboard available symbols.  The publisher did a great job producing a good quality book. 

I don’t really have much more to say about Auralia’s Colors.  I really recommend that you read it, no matter your age or literary preference.  It’s a pretty fantasic read, and people of all ages and beliefs will love it. 

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