On the Fly

Just wanted to touch base with everyone, how’s your flylady week going?  Are you getting your tasks accomplished?  This week I’ve washed our diaper champ, cleaned the bathroom, I’ve done 4 loads of laundry (put away, even!), and did my weekly home blessing hour! 

I was hanging out with my neighbour yesterday, and she went on about how clean our house was.  She said that her husband even remarked on how neat and tidy everything was!  It was so encouraging to hear that the house is nice and clean, and that people are noticing.  I’m sure that it’s easier for me to keep my place clean because my baby doesn’t move all that much (although she does roll over both ways on her own!), and hers will toddle around and gets into EVERYTHING.  So yeah.  I’m expecting my house to not be quite so pretty as time goes on.

We managed to finish getting all our pictures framed last night, so now we have to put them, and Kitten’s shelves up in her room!  Plus about eleventy million other things done around the house! 

Today we are going shopping to the Big Mall, with our friends from church.  I am very excited, as my exceptionally generous neighbour is letting me use her fancy baby backpack.  It’s much more comfortable than the Bjorn or whatever.  I think it’s because my boobs are so heavy with milk, it’s nice to have something (like the baby) on my back to balance them out! 🙂

Oh, Kitten’s up, so I’ve got to run.  Have a good day, and remember what tasks you set out for yourself to do today!