War! What is it Good For?

I am at war with myself.  Kitten woke up at 7:30 this morning so Rob put her soother back in, as it wasn’t time for her to get up.  It’s now 10:30 and she’s still asleep.  I don’t know whether to wake her or let her sleep.  If I wake her, then she’ll be on a reasonable nap schedule.  If I let her sleep, she might get over her cold faster (poor munchkin!) but her naps will be all confused, and start coming too late in the day.  Hmmm….

I had dreams about war last night.  One where gernades were going off, and we either had to run away from them, or go and throw them back at the enemy.  It wasn’t fun, as I was doing it all in a ball gown.  There was another one where we were in a war time, and I was hiding from the enemy.  At the end of this one, though, I walked into a store and ended up buying a chef’s knife.  Apparently, my dull chef’s knife is driving me crazy enough that I need to dream about buying a new one.  Oh well – maybe later this month I can go pick one up.  I did see one that I liked at the knife store, but I just need to go play with it a bit. 

I joined RSM’s Pop Culture flickr group (yay!), but I’m not sure what to photograph for my first picture.  I need to not join groups – it gives me much stress!  I know that I’ll find something for this week (80’s videos) or I won’t (which is ok too), so I’m not REALLY worried about it, but yeah.  I also joined the DIYPhotography group, as I’ve been trying the tasks they set out on their webpage.  I was pretty stressed about this one, as I don’t have the equipment they were mentioning, but I thought that I might be able to get some of the effect from stuff that I do have.  My picture turned out not too badly, but I think that I need to work on it.  I didn’t have the right sized box, let alone the camera flashes that the pro’s there do, but I gave it a try. 

Speaking of pictures, I finally got a bunch of frames for the professional pictures that we had taken a little while ago.  I’m happy to have most of them framed, but sadly Ikea didn’t have a nice 8 x 10 frame in the colour I wanted, nor did they have ANY 10 x 13 frames.  Maybe Sears uses that size just to make you buy their frames?  I dunno.  I’ll keep looking.