On my way to my OB/GYN’s yesterday, I had to stop at the pharmacy to pick up my IUD to take with me to my appointment.  When I got to the drug store, I found out that our health insurance doesn’t cover any type of contraception!  Not only was I very embarrassed that I had asked the pharmacy to order the IUD for me, and I wrangled a last minute appointment out of my OB/GYN, which I had to cancel 15 minutes before I was supposed to be there.  ::sigh::  Anyway, without it being covered, it would cost us $370… which is a little out of our league. 

I’m a little frustrated because no matter what contraceptive route we take, it isn’t covered.  Even if I went on the pill, it would still be $25 a month (about).  We’re not sure what to do, and I’m upset that this plan that we pay into every month doesn’t even cover some of the most basic medication!  I mean, we can’t be the only people in the whole company (it’s a fairly large company) who don’t want to get pregnant!  One would think that they employer wouldn’t want all their employees getting pregnant and taking leave!  Rob did email his HR department asking if they had any other drug plans available, or if they would consider adding it to the plan. 

In my fury yesterday, I thought that we should just have our second baby now, and then Rob can get the Big V.  Then I checked myself before I wrecked myself – there’s no way that I want another baby any time soon!  I am more than happy with the one I have! 

In other news… Kitten has her second cold.  Poor kid!  She’s all stuffy and coughs.  We’re just making sure that she gets lots to drink and lots of sleep, so she’ll get better soon.  She’s pretty happy, but a little more quiet than she usually is.  She watched a whole episode of Teletubbies (during which my brain fell out), and is now playing on the floor.

She rolled over yesterday!  She used her little play gym to help her flip from her back to her front, so I don’t know if it counts, but I think it does.  I didn’t help her at all!  She also rolled from her front to her back, which we’ve seen her do before, but she doesn’t like to do all that often. 

Don’t forget we’re still in the Kitchen Zone this week, and it’s Wednesday!  For me, that means cleaning my cabinet fronts and errand day!  I think I’ll wait until Rob gets home from work to run my errands… but we’ll see – maybe we’ll go out this afternoon.