Adventures in Birth Control

Wish me luck… I go to get an IUD “installed” tomorrow.  I’m a little worried about the pain that could be involved in the procedure (I’m just remembering having my membranes stripped, and that felt like a punch to the cervix, so I’m hoping this isn’t too bad).  I also get a chance to ask her a couple of questions about my bits that I have, so I’m glad to be seeing my OB/GYN tomorrow.

Not BC related:

  1. Tomorrow is microwave cleaning day!  I didn’t get my Home Blessing Hour done, but I would like to use my neice & nephew as an excuse.  I did get our sheets changed and washed, and I just have the Kidlet’s to do tomorrow, along with the garbages.  I did get the dusting done, though, so that makes me happy (and 3 or 4 loads of laundry).
  2. We had a fun game of Munchkin tonight, which was awesome!  I love it when my brother comes over to play with us!
  3. Kitten is really getting the rolling over down pat.  She can do tummy to back fairly easily, but not really because she wants to, mostly because she’s reaching.  She gets most of the way turned over from back to front, but usually doesn’t get that final back arch down.  I’m really ok with the stage that she’s at, and it’s so much fun.  I’ve really got to start taking more pictures of her!