Dress Stuff



This is the dress that I returned.  It was pretty, and I liked the design, but it was far too low cut, and the fabric was too thin.  I mean, I had my Spanx, which helped me not be all bumpy and bulgy, but I think that the material could have been a little sturdier.  I think I need all the help I can get! 🙂



This is the new dress.  I know it’s supposed to have a seam close to your waist, but it sits closer to an empire waist for me, which actually works quite well.  I won’t be using the dress’ belt, but finding a shiny coloured one to match my shoes.  Even though I haven’t bought shoes yet.  So yeah.  I’m working on that. 

I also bought some new shoes. 



What do you think, Carolyn?  Are they still in my “shoe style” or did I step out of my usual patterns?  I know, they’re not slides… which I would have bought if I could have found them (it’s the wrong season, and truthfully, these ones keep my feet warmer and cleaner in our current weather). 

What does everyone think of my dress?  Please don’t tell me you hate it, I’ll be sad! 😛  Oh well, I can’t return it anyway, stupid store policies!