A Dress. I Has It.

We found a better dress tonight.  One that keeps the girls locked and loaded without advertising what my baby is eating.  Tomorrow, I will take pictures of the two dresses so you can see how different they are.  It’s a black dress with tiny cap sleeves, a criss-cross neckline that has just enough room for the twins, but doesn’t show very much cleavage, and it has a small ruffle all around the neckline.  It almost has a collar, but not quite.  It’s very interesting, and I’ll definitely take a picture of it.  It’s body hugging, and just longer than my knees, so it is pretty modest considering what I had to work with this season.  It seems like every dress either shows off a ton of chest or is really short (or both!).  I definitely have to wear it with the Spanx though.  I’m far too lumpy for this dress otherwise.  Maybe one day I’ll be able to wear it without, but I’m not holding my breath!

Anyway, now that we have the perfect dress, I just have to find some sexy shoes and a belt.  I am looking for a pair of purple patent leather pointy toe heels.  I found a pair at Aldo that I liked, but they’re not the right size (close but not quite) and the heel is really quite a bit too tall.  I would be happier about a half to a full inch less.  I also want to find a matching shiny purple belt.  Something about this dress just screams belt, so I’ve got to do it.  I think it will accent my waist nicely, and it will break up the otherwise long black expanse that is my body.  I’m not normally a belt-on-top-of-things kind of person, but I think it will work nicely in this instance.  Then it’s just a purple bracelet, complimentary eye shadow and a purple tie for Rob (in a dark, many purple), and we’re set!  I am very excited!  I think that the best part is that I can wear a nice, structured bra underneath my dress and it doesn’t show at all!  Yay!

I also found that I can get bras in my size at Addition Elle right now, because my band size is still quite big.  So that makes me pretty happy.  It would probably be better if I could find them in the next size down, but I’m not sure how possible that is.  Regardless, I can’t really wear them right now because I’m still nursing, but when I wean I might be able to find something nice for less money (unless I lose more band size).  Regardless, I’m pretty happy.