A Year in Review

Last year I had made a few resolutions for this coming year: to read 60 chapter books, to weigh 175 by Dec 31 , to be a Mary Kay Director by the end of the year, and to develop our basement.  I’m guessing that most of you can guess the status on all four of those… but for those of you who can’t, let me tell you.

  • Read 60 books – I read 69, Yeah-huh!
  • To weight 175 lbs by December 31 – FAIL, but I’m 179 lbs and I’m ok with that!
  • To be a MK director – FAIL (and I’m not all that interested in doing it now)
  • Develop the Basement – Partial FAIL, it’s under construction

Anyway, this past year has been a pretty exciting one.  The most exciting thing being Kitten, and all other things seem pail in comparison, which is kind of funny.  I got lots of scrapbooking done, and even finished our wedding album (now it’s just on to our honeymoon and our life since then).  We went to Hawaii in March, and to Ft. Lauderdale, FL in May and had a really great time on both trips.  Rob and I played a “few” hours of Everquest II, but had to give it up after Kitten was born.  We just didn’t have the time (surprise!), and the accounts were costing too much per month for the amount of playing that we were doing.  I found out that I’m petrified of storms (or I was, last year – I blame it on all the construction around our neighbourhood).  I also stopped working at my job, and started working at home (cutting the lawn, cleaning the house, then taking care of the baby).  We spent most of July going out to eat and out in the evenings to escape the terrible heat of our house, which was kind of fun because we just don’t get out as much as we used to.  I wish we had seen more movies. 

Kitten has grown so much, gaining a hefty 9 pounds in 5 months and sprouting up over 6″!  She’s also jumping in her jumperoo, playing on her belly, sitting when propped up, and will stand when she leans against something (not as much as before, as she likes to bend her knees like she does in her jumperoo).  She doesn’t just babble anymore, she now makes ba, ma and mmmmm noises.  She also likes to splash in the bath, and not by accident!  She gets very concentrated and throws her arms around in the water, trying to catch the bubbles, and just trying to get Daddy all wet!

I keep looking back on the year, and thinking that not much has changed… but I couldn’t be more wrong.  Everything has changed.  There isn’t an aspect of my life that is exactly the same as it was last year.  Truthfully?  I wouldn’t change a thing (except that maybe I would have asked for my epidural sooner! 😛 )

This next year is going to be very exciting.  Kitten is going to start talking, eating real food, and walking.  She’s going to grow incredibly independent, and I am going to cry a lot.  While I doubt that we’ll be getting pregnant this year, I know that another baby is still in our future.  So looking in to the future, I’m ready to think about what I want to change next year.  My resolutions are as follows:

  • Read 25 books (I just don’t go through them like I used to)
  • Weigh 155 lbs by the end of the year
  • Finish our scrapbook up to Kitten’s birth, and start on her book
  • Go on more dates with Rob (without Kitten)

Do any of you have any resolutions, or do you not do that?  Will we be working towards any changes together?