Stuff, Possibly Followed by Junk

First things first:  I beat Tom Morelli on Guitar Hero III.  Just in case you were wondering, and it was SPECTACULAR.  I must give props to Jodi, who gave me a hint.  And to Rob, of course, who was all “Do it nowww…. DO  IT NOOOOOOOOW!!!” that led to my ultimate win.  I am so, so happy to be done with the previous songs.  Although?  I did go back and get a near perfect score on Rock & Roll All Night by Kiss (or whatever it’s called – you know what I mean).  I think I missed two notes overall?  I feel pretty good about that.  I can’t wait to play some Weezer later! 

Kitten seems much more on schedule today, even though going to bed wasn’t super easy last night.  She did wake up around 9 am, which irritated me a tiny bit, but I soon got over it, as she was trying to grab the cat to see what he tastes like.  YOU HAS A FLAVORAnyway, Tych didn’t seem to mind (we didn’t let her actually get fur in her mouth, but she really grabbed on), and it was pretty cute!  Later, we went to visit the cat that we are looking after, and Kitten kept trying to pet that kitty too!  She’s become very aware of the cats!

Mmmm… we’re having meatballs tonight for dinner.  I suppose that I should go make those!