Catch Up!

Internet!  I have missed you!  It has been so long since we’ve last spoke, so let me catch you up.

The laundry situation:  I still love my home made stuff, but I think I’m going to have to add fabric softener for some loads.  I can’t stand my PJ bottoms clinging to me, and the static that lives in Kitten’s blankets is kind of cruel.  So we will be using liquid fabric softener in some loads.  In my defence, I have tried just about everything – the reusable static eliminator sheets, the Norwex dryer balls, taking the clothes out while they’re damp, and vinegar in the rinse cycle.  Nothing has really helped.  ::sigh::  I’m sad, because I know it’s really not good for any of our skin and our health, but I’m seriously going crazy here!  Does any one know if static is more likely in man-made fibres than in natural fibres like cotton?

The cleaning stuff:  I’m still working on our bedroom and ensuite bath.  I did clean off my dresser, and I did find out that my stereo is broken.  The other day it freaked out and wouldn’t load or anything, so I had to unplug it and replug it back in so I could get my CD’s out.  Also: one speaker doesn’t work, which sucks.  I’m looking at purchasing a new one, and I like the idea of this one, where I can hang it on the wall.  I do want one with multiple CD’s, as I like to shuffle between disks pretty often.  Plus, I’m lazy, and I don’t like having all my CD’s out all the time.  Anyway, I managed to get everything clean and I even polished my jewelery.  I know.  I kind of rock.  Tonight, I looked under the counter, and threw away what I could see that I didn’t want any more.  I officially ditched:

  • An old Nuvaring, from before we got preggo with Kitten
  • 2 bars of hotel soap (they were really nice)
  • Coppertone sports gel sunblock.  I effing hate that stuff
  • Small tube of old hand cream
  • A foot file that is ooooold
  • Lids to some old shampoo and conditioner bottles (they had a pump dispenser, and a lid to cover it.  I’m not sure why I ever kept the lid, but there you go)

I also cleaned up the mirror and the sink, and one spot of toothpaste on the cabinet (I have no idea how it got there).  Tomorrow, I hope to go through under the sink and get rid of a bunch of stuff.  I would like to be able to put away my skin care stuff and get it off the counter.  Nothing more annoying that having all that junk out.  Plus, maybe I can get my feminine hygeine products put away, after sitting out on the floor for the past year or more. 

Christmas:  Was fantastic, as usual.  It started on the 23rd, and kept on going until Christmas Day.  We saw my dad and his family on Sunday night to celebrate my half-sister’s birthday.  It wasn’t really a Christmas celebration, but we did open our gifts that night, as we weren’t sure when we’d see them again during the Christmas season.  On the 24th, we spent it with Rob’s family.  We had a lot of fun, and Kitten was fully spoiled, so that was nice.  She got a lot of clothes, toys and books, so we’ve been a little crazy with all the new stuff lately.  Rob and I mostly got gift certificates (including movie tickets, so yay!), which is pretty awesome.  We bought my brother in law a game called Killer Bunnies, and I can’t wait to play it!  On Christmas Eve, we also opened our new Christmas Jammies, and took a couple of family pictures (I’ll post those up once I dump my memory card).  On Christmas day, we opened our presents at home, then went to my sisters for our family shin-dig.  It was pretty fun!  From Rob and Kitten I got a new camera case (which I love!), a tripod, and a tripod case.  We found out after I opened the tripod that it came with a case, so Rob is going to exchange it for a book of some sort.  That pleases me!  Kitten got her Jumperoo, plus a dolly, some wooden blocks, some stacking/nesting blocks, and a new lullaby CD.  I got Rob a fancy gaming keyboard and a fancy gaming mouse.  Oooh, I also got a new stroller!  It’s a compact umbrella-style stroller, with a seat that reclines, so Kitten can nap if she wants to.  I’m pretty happy with it.  It’s going to take up about half as much room, and it’s waaaaay lighter than our Evenflo one.  So happy. 

Camera:  I’ve decided that I want a new camera.  A Nikon D200.  They’re fancy.  And I loooove them.  My father-in-law has one, and it takes beautiful pictures.  Plus, there was mention of Nikon lenses/perifrials that are not being used being passed on.  Which intreuges me very much!  Not that I have the money for it right now.  The body is still around $1300, and I can’t justify spending that kind of cash on a new camera right now.  But one day, my pretty.  One day!

Winter:  I hate you, winter.  You suck.  I thought that I had dandruff, so I used Head & Shoulders for a week.  Nothing changed, so I decided to try using super moisturizing conditioner, and no more flakes.  I also hate the cold, the bloody dry cold that causes nose bleeds, static electricity, and dry crackly skin.  I hate you winter!  I can not wait for spring!

One last note:  We went to my sister’s tonight for her daughter’s second birthday party.  It was a lot of fun, but DUDE.  The roads were SO BAD.  It wasn’t even that they were icy, but unbelievably foggy.  Seriously, we had maybe 10′ visibility.  We were crawling along the highway, and by the time that we could turn around and go back, we were over half way there, so there was no point in going back.  Anyway, we finally made it, but I was so nervous my stomach was incredibly upset by the time that we got to my sisters, and it took me about 1o minutes to stop shaking.  I was scared.  Luckily, on the way home the fog wasn’t nearly as bad, and we could see a good 100′ ahead of us, at least.  My niece got completely spoiled, though.  She had a Disney Princess party, just like she wanted, and got tons of cool new things.  I think her favourite thing is her new fancy play kitchen.  Thanks, Mom, for stealing the show!