Dirty Laundry

I’ve been using home made laundry detergent for a few washes now, and I have some strong feelings about it.  I made two batches of detergent:  One gel type formula without the majority of the water (which has turned into more of a solid gel) found here, and one powdered formula (1/2 cup borax, 1/2 cup washing soda, 1/2 bar of Sunlight soap).  The first batch, if you remember, was scented with Tea Tree Oil, which I find too strong.  I’m sure that I put too much in so it’s entirely my fault, but there you go.  I didn’t like it when it was watery, as I found I could pour it out of the container, but it clogged up the spout because it would dry there.  I haven’t used it since it hardened, so I’m not really sure what it’s like now – it’s possible that I’ll like it a lot more. 

I did also try a powdered version, which is pretty much the same recipe, only without any of the water or melting the soap.  This one was the easiest to make, as I just threw the ingredients in a plastic container and shook it.  I use a small scoop with this, and my clothes come out really clean and smelling just slightly like lemons (this goes away if you use vinegar, and after about a day in the closet). 

I was noticing, though, that the more I washed my clothes, the stiffer they were becoming.  It’s probably because they’re getting cleaner, and all the old fabric softener was finally washing out.  I can’t believe how long that stuff stayed in the fibers of my clothes.  It kind of grosses me out.  Anyway, I started to look online to see if there was a way to make your own fabric softener too – I am not a fan of scratchy towels!  The easiest instructions that I could find (because I am lazy at heart) was to add a half cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle.  Unfortunately I have a front loader, and it doesn’t let me interrupt the cycle once it’s started, so I tried to add the vinegar to the automatic fabric softener dispenser.  I’m not sure how much it actually holds (I’m sure that would be easy to figure out, but again – LAZY), so I just fill it up to the Max line, and let it do it’s thing.  So far so good.  I have found that my cottons, especially, are a lot softer after using the vinegar.  I was pretty skeptical that I would end up rewashing the load because it smelled bad, but it still came out nice and fresh, with no “fish and chips” smell on the clothing!  It did cut out some of the lemon-y goodness, but I am willing to sacrifice that for softer fabrics.  

I will be using up my solid gel stuff once the powdered detergent is used up, but I’ll definitely be making the powdered detergent next time.  I understand that you can use the same recipe with Fels Naptha soap as well, you just use 1/3 of the bar.  I was just experiementing with the Sunlight bar, by using half of it, and it seems to work for me!  I think that as time goes on it will tell better, depending on whether I get a “right bit o’ the dingies!” 

This week in the Zone has been the main bathroom and one other room.  I’ve cleaned up the main bath pretty well, even tossing a bunch of garbage from under the sink.  I should have taken pictures just to show you what kinds of treasures I was holding on to, but I’ll just tell you instead.  Some of the top finds:

  • Body Glitter (yes, you heard me!)
  • 2 cold wax kits that had leaked
  • A million fabric strips (they went with the waxing stuff)
  • Purple eyeshadow that I used in high school (8 years ago!)
  • Tarnished & broken ear rings
  • Bandanas from high school

Those are just a few of the things that I tossed.  I also cleaned up Kitten’s room, including the walls, crib bedding, her diaper champ, furnitures, window, etc.  I haven’t gone through to declutter a lot of the stuff that we were given that we won’t use, but perhaps I’ll do that next month.  Right now her room looks nice and clean, and I know that it’s far less dusty.  I am kind of mad at myself, though.  When I was moving her crib back, I scraped it along the wall and damaged the paint that I had just fixed a couple of months ago.  Gah!  Maybe it will be hidden by the boarder that we’re planning on putting up.  I also cleaned up the loft area, which included an incredible amount of dust being washed down the drain!  I was very proud of how much dust I had cleaned up!  Sadly, that was at the beginning of the week, and frankly?  It’s dusty again.  ::sigh::  It’s time to get our furnace and ducts cleaned, I think!

This week to come is the Master bedroom and Ensuite bathroom.  To be honest, this is going to be the hardest room.  I am not very good at putting stuff away, or even finding places for stuff to go.  Take the top of my TV for example.  It has: the heel straps for my sandals, 2 pencils, a sudoku book, an IQ puzzle book (a cookie for the first person that can tell me which book belongs to who), a book I received at my shower, my hair straightener and an underwater camera from Hawaii that I haven’t had developed yet.  That’s only a SMALL part of the dresser that is sadly covered in junk and dust.  I figure that if I focused on the dresser and on the ensuite bathroom this week, our room with be in a much, much better condition.  I guess that this place just gets bogged down with stuff because it’s the last room we go in to each night, so we often bring the stuff we don’t have homes for, otherwise, here. 

I know I’ve got a lot of clutter.  I mean, I have three types of purfume on my dresser that I just don’t use… and I don’t know when I’ll use them again!  I do like them all, but I’m so not interested in heavy scents right now, so I just don’t even bother.  I can’t even tell you what’s under my sink – it would scare you!  I truly need to clean and toss.  (Ps. the next person to buy me hand cream?  Get’s shot.  Seriously.)  I’ll let you know how it goes.  I will say again, though, that I super duper love my Nowex products!  Yay for easy cleaning!  I can get our main bathroom done in about 10 minutes, top to bottom.  It will take me longer in the ensuite because we have more stuff in there, but I’m excited to get it done!