The World. It Has Ended.

As I like to point out to Rob, our house is now cleaner than his mothers (sometimes I add “neener neener” on to it, but not this time).  We’re having a party for Rob’s birthday tomorrow, so I had to clean up today.  I actually got a lot done.  I dusted pretty much the whole house except for the office (because dude.  There is too much Stuff in there to dust right now).  I really should have taken pictures (oops!) to show you the significance of the Dust.  I know that I have allergies and that I should really keep this under control, but I just haven’t taken the time in the last while… like six months or more. 

I even washed the cushion covers for our ikea couch and the pillows and covers that go with it.  I also washed the bathroom rug, and all of Kitten’s soft toys (like her bouncy chair cover, play gym mat, etc.), so now everything is nice and clean!  It makes me so happy to get everything nice and sparkling.

I did finish cleaning up the kitchen on Thursday, so I’m completely done that room.  I go in and wipe things down as necessary, but the detailed cleaning is done.  I even threw out a bunch of crap that has been sitting around that we didn’t need or want any more, so yay for less clutter!  Instead of sitting around on my bum today, I decided to move on to the next Flylady zone – the bathroom and one other room.  I’m starting with the loft, then I’ll move on to other rooms if I have time at the end of the week.  Luckily, the loft is the least cluttered room of the house.  I put away all of Rob’s gamecube stuff into it’s actual homes, put away a DVD that’s been out since Kitten came home from the hospital, and the rest of the clutter lives in a laundry basket, so I can easily move that out of there and put it away.  It contains my quilt stuff, which I want to finish soon, but need to have out of the way for tomorrow.  I even cleaned the windows and all the walls!  So proud, bursting with proud, actually.  I also sorted and cleaned out under the bathroom sink, which was very theraputic.  Oh – and I had a chemical reaction, I think.  I believe that the Pinesol cloth was dripping on the Oxyclean Baby Stain remover, which caused the plastic bottle to warp (Eeep!) and for there to be dried foamy stuff under the counter.  I cleaned it all up and then moved them far apart, never again to meet. 

I really like cleaning the bathroom with my new cloth.  No cleaners required (except for toilet bowl cleaner), so my hands don’t stink like cleaner after, and I don’t have to worry about going to pick up Kitten.  I used to wash and wash and wash, just to make sure there wasn’t any chemical residue left over, and now I just wash to make sure that any germs are gone (easier, in my mind).  Norwex, for the win!

Our house has the entry way open to the second floor, so there’s a ledge above our front closet.  Above the closet is a window that Nybbles likes to jump from the landing on the stairs, to above the closet, to the window to look out of.  Anyway, I had been storing a print up there, laying flat, so I could frame it and put it above the door on a cool easle.  Well, I had to dust up there too, so I pulled the print down and realized that one of my cats had thrown up on it!!!! 😦  This makes me so upset.  I’ve been keeping that print for YEARS… I guess this is what I get for procrastinating on getting it framed.  This was the picture:

So, no thard to replace, I am sure… but I’m irritated that I’ll have to, if I want the picture.  ::sigh::

Well, it’s nearly 2 am (all the cleaning took a long time!), so I should really get to bed, in case Kitten decides she wants to wake up at 9 am or something silly like that.