Baking Soda is my Boyfriend

Do you ever watch that show, How Clean is Your House?  I do on occasion (although I love their Too Posh to Wash more), and the last time I watched, the thing that stuck with me was their 5 minute bursts, and using baking soda on your oven door to clean it.  I’ve also been spending a little bit of time over at, where you can become a “fly-baby” and learn how to clean/organize your home step by step, or you can just jump right in.

I thought about going the fly baby route, but I just couldn’t bring myself to follow their baby steps.  They’re not all bad, but I’m not the last person up, so shining my sink before bed does nothing for me (step 1).  I do try to shower and get dressed every day now as I seem to be waking up before Kitten, so step 2 (dress to lace up shoes – minus the shoes because we don’t wear them in the house) is pretty easy.  The third day is just to repeat what you did on day’s 1 & 2 and to go over your reminders for the day.  Step 4 calls for writing these things down – and I can’t be bothered.  There’s no way I’m sticking little post it’s around my home.  If you want to, well, power to you, but no thanks.  Anyway, it goes on and on, and I won’t bore you with all of that.  Anyway, they do a thing called “zone cleaning“, and basically you focus on one area of your home for 15 to an hour (whatever you can spare) to declutter, clean and such.  The even have detailed lists of what you should be cleaning.  I decided to start this zone cleaning business, and this week is the Kitchen.  Whenever Kitten goes down for a nap, I set my timer for 15 mintues and pick a spot.  So far, I have re-organized (and cleaned out) our pantry, washed half of the walls and almost all of the counters, scrubbed my oven by hand (I tried to use the self-cleaner but it stunk to high heaven), washed the doors, scrubbed out my sink, decluttered and reorganized my tupperware cupboard and junk drawer, lined my pot drawers in padded liner, took apart and cleaned my gas range, cleaned the pet bowls including removing the water build up on their water dish, and washed the range hood including the filter.  It’s been amazing.  Rob’s really excited about how things are going.  Tomorrow I want to do the fridge and the bar, and the kitchen will be almost complete.  After that, I’ll only have 2 more walls to wash, the cabinet fronts to wipe down, and the kitchen chairs and table to dust!  Then my kitchen will be clean (er… after I wash the floor).  I feel pretty proud of what I’ve done.

Anyway, that brings me to my new boyfriend – baking soda.  I can’t believe how much it has helped me!  Seriously, it cleaned my oven amazingly.  I used some water, a sprinkling of BS, and and my scrubby thing, and everything is sparkling!  It removed the built up grease on the oven window and inside the oven, as well as my stove top and the grody kettle (we have a metal kettle we leave out all the time… but it gets spattered when I cook meat, etc. so it was looking pretty yucky)!  So, I’m in love with baking soda, and we are going to live happily ever after.  Why did I not believe people when they said it was a good cleaner before?  Oh right, because I thought I needed nasty chemicals! 

My other favourite cleaning product right now is Borax.  I had purchased some to make my laundry detergent, and now that I have it in the house I’m discovering that it has all sorts of uses.  I used it to wash down the walls and clean the range hood, as well as my counter tops (I rinsed them after).  It worked beautifully!  I was very impressed. 

Most of all, I’m so happy that my house is clean, but that I’m not getting a headache from all the cleaner smells in the house.  While I do like the smell of pinesol, if I had used it to do the cleaning I had today, I would have had a headache by the end.  So yay for that.  Speaking of smells in general – I had run out of my non-scented laundry detergent (before I made some), and ended up using the Gain again, and I have to say that I think I’m starting to PREFER non-scented stuff.  I know, it is a remarkably crazy day, here in this household.  First I cook, then I clean, nowI start to like not having things smell…

I think Rob is starting to wonder who I am, and what have I done with his wife!  😛