How Can it Be?

I weighed myself yesterday.  I’m officially down to about 178 lbs, which is pretty stinking amazing, if you ask me!  I can’t think of what may have caused a 10 pound decrease in about 3 weeks, as I haven’t really done that much different.  I know I’ve changed my eating habits slightly – I cook every week night, and we only eat out on the weekends.  I also tend to have either left overs or popcorn (Smart Pop, best stuff ever!) for lunch, with those 100 Calorie snack packs for snacks.  Mostly, though, I just drink a lot.  I haven’t been going to the gym recently, but I have been playing around with Kitten (lifting her up in the air, etc.).  I’ve also been pumping a lot more, which I think is contributing to the overall weight loss.  Regardless, I fit into a pair of pants that I was wearing before, and during the first part of my pregnancy!  So, that makes me pretty darn happy.  They’re stretchy dress pants, and they might just slightly too tight… but I’m really happy that I can wear them.  3 months ago, I couldn’t even get them over the largest part of my hips! 

I made my own laundry detergent tonight.  It was pretty easy, I just followed the recipe here.  I didn’t add all the water after you melt the soap and powders, as I figured that was just to dilute it.  So I have a little less than 2 gallons instead of the 4 that the recipe says that you will have, and I use about half as much as they recommend.  I added Tea Tree Essential oil (10 ml), as I really like the smell, but my advice is that you add it after you are done heating everything – our house smells so strongly right now that it’s making me feel a bit funny.  I used it on my load of jeans, and they seemed to come out pretty clean, although they haven’t dried yet, and these things always look a bit different after they dry.  Mine hasn’t sat for the 72 hours yet, so we’ll also see how it looks at that point.  Right now I’ve been stirring the detergent before adding it to the machine.  I think that the 10 ml’s of fragrance was just enough – the jeans came out of the washer just faintly smelling like TTO, and will probably bear only a hint of the scent after they dry.  So far, I’m pretty impressed. 

Anyway, Kitten is jsut getting to sleep now (she’s been out of sorts ALL day), so I should probably hit the hay too.  I’m not sure when she’ll get up tomorrow!