Food and Stuff

Kitten finally seemed to swallow some of her cereal today!  I feel like she’s finally getting the hang of it!  Most of it still comes out, but the odd mouthful seems to get pushed to the back of her mouth.  Yay! 

We took her to get her picture taken with the mall santa yesterday.  I don’t think that we’re going to do much of the “Santa” thing, because it seems weird to me to lie to your kids that Santa’s real, and then one day he isn’t.  ::shrugs::  We thought it would be fun to get her picture taken, though.  So, we took her last night, and she did not too bad, but the santa kept looking funny in the pictures, so when the photographer used her puppy puppet to get Kitten’s attention, it scared her, so she started to cry.  We totally bought that picture – it looks hilarious!  As soon as I picked her up she stopped crying, so she wasn’t traumatised.  She’s just at the age where things she’s not expecting make her cry.  Like her puppy toy that she loved yesterday morning?  Totally made her cry last night.  I suppose that it’s a phase.