A Week in Review

We’ve had a pretty big week this past week, so I’ll break it down for you in bullet points:

  • Kitten has cereal once a day, now.  It’s pretty watery, and she spits most of it out, so I’m pretty sure that she’s getting more fun out of it then nutrition.  It’s really funny.
  • I burned my pinky finger pretty severely a week or two ago.  I was pouring boiling water into a couple of jars for Kitten’s bottles.  Unfortunately, the lid on our kettle wasn’t secure and it fell off mid pour, so the steam all came up and burned my hand.  I’m lucky that it only burned my one finger, rather than all my fingers.  Anyway, my skin was pretty leathery and dry, but has finally started to peel and heal.  It’s still really red, but it doesn’t hurt so much now, and I think the scarring will be less severe than I had thought it would be.  Thank goodness!
  • Kitten has been playing strange to most men lately (except Rob), which is kind of funny and sad.  I’m not sure why, but it just seems to be the stage she’s going through.  We’re taking her for pictures with Santa, so we’ll see how that goes!  It might be a total flop!
  • We had our family portraits done at Sears last Friday.  They’re pretty cute, and I can’t wait to get them!
  • Did I tell you that we bought a new microwave?  Our last one died, so we bought a Danby Designer one… but it overheats!  It’s so frustrating because I use it to cook things like rice and whatnot, and it needs to run a while to do that.  We’re going to take it back and see if we can get one of those inversion microwaves.  They look like they might be a bit better (that whole “you get what you pay for” thing).
  • I’ve started a skin care routine again.  Back to the Mary Kay stuff, although this time I’ve added a serum that’s supposed to even out my complexion, so I’ll let you know how that goes!  Not much for make up though – I’m more concerned about my skin looking good on its own, rather than slathering makeup all over it.
  • We’ve been using our sling a lot more again lately, as it works to put her in to nap when we’re out.  Now that she’s in a bigger car seat, we don’t have the “bucket” to put her down in.  I like my sling and I’m glad to be using it again. 
  • I’m down to 179 lbs.  I’ve not been going to the gym all that much lately, so it must be just eating better.  I’ve purchased those 100 calorie snack bags, which helps, plus having a real dinner each night seems to be helping too. 

Ooops!  Kitten just woke up so I’ve got to go!